Monday, October 28, 2013

Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra Worth $10 Million

 Swanepoel will be wearing the 2013 Fantasy Bra at this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, 
airing on Dec. 10.

Photos courtesy of Victoria's  

What comes first to your mind when you hear Victoria’s Secret? I bet, no one actually bothers with remembering who Victoria is or the secret she might keep. Maybe a couple of years ago some people would still be not familiar with this brand, but today things are way different. Every lady is well aware of the fact that Victoria’s Secret produces one of the best and most luxurious lingerie pieces in the world. And no one actually cares about the identity of Victoria. To be honest, I doubt she has ever existed in real life. It is all about creating a mystery and attracting the clients. Now that the label has succedeed and fully achieved its initial mission, it can afford making up another story. Or else focus on amazing us with the new comers, just like another Fantasy Bra, which costs more than GDP of some states.

Can you imagine anyone bying a bra for $10 million? Just a single idea about it kills me, I swear! How much money should one have in order to be able to pay the check? I might understand when rich guys spend a fortune on a fancy car or well-equipped house, but not a piece of clothing. I am sorry, but no matter how many diamonds and emeralds it features, no bra is worth so much money.

Still, I can’t deny my strong affection for it. A mere look at the Fantasy Bra starts up my imagination like the ignition key starts the car. I can’t help staring at it, trying to notice every single detail of the precious item. The bra features 18-carat gold and a 52-carat ruby. I love the way the pear-shaped stone hangs in the middle. The bra also has a matching belt. Both items are embellished with 4,200 precious stones in different shapes and colors.

Candice Swanepoel was announced to show off the exquisite bra at the coming Victoria’s Secret 2013 Show. While we are waiting for the event, you have a great opportunity to enjoy the enchanting power and hypnotizing beauty of the Fantasy Bra.

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