Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Victoria’s Secret Sexy and Trendy Lingerie

Lingerie stores designed for men

Victoria's Secret, the famous American brand of feminine ready-to-wear, famous for its sexy and trendy lingerie.

Victoria's Secret was established in 1977 by Roy Raymond, a Stanford University graduate who felt uncomfortable in classic lingerie stores, only intended for women. Adapting the merchandising to male customers who came to pick up gifts for a girlfriend, he opened his first store in Palo Alto, California. The name refers to the British reign of Queen Victoria in the nineteenth century.

Rather than expose all sizes in shelves, he chose to present the adornments in boxes, vendors undertaking to find the right size in stock. A catalog and other shops quickly follow. The success was immediate, with a turnover of $ 500,000 in the first year. Five years later, in 1982, Roy Raymond sold his company. With six stores and a catalog of 42 pages, Victoria's Secret is sold for $ 4 million to Leslie Wexner, owner of The Limited. In the early 1990s, Victoria's Secret has become the first retailer of lingerie in the U.S. market. In 1995, a lavish parade is presented annually in November by the most beautiful girls of the earth, all models selected for their flawless curves, charisma and confidence (the brand has consistently refused to have actresses parade, their morphology rarely complying with their requirements).

Away from the pursuit of thinness in use in fashion, the cast tends primarily to stick to the canons of the eighties: athletic bodies and curvaceous figures. Helena Christensen, iconic of these years super models, paraded for the first show of the brand in 1995. The extravagant event is annually followed by 8 million U.S. viewers on CBS channel in a late November broadcast, for a total production cost of $ 10 million. This year, Rihanna, Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber sang on stage. Alexandra Ambrosio wore the most expensive bra, the "Fantasy Bra", a model covered with precious stones sold at an indecent price. Nobody buys it, but it is another way to have the brand talk about !
Through its website, the popular brand is shipping lingerie and dresses to dozens of countries worldwide, especially in Australia, Canada, Singapore, and Russia. In recent years, the company has seen considerable growth in its website sales  and in 2009, the brand opened several foreign stores. Outside the US Victoria’s Secret is currently available only in select duty free global locations and beauty shops were launched at the airports like in Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Dubai, Barbados and Mexico City International Airport. Victoria's Secret has made its arrival in Europe in 2012, with the opening of its first store in London. The flagship store will be the first to open outside of London, following the US-based retailer’s Bond Street store opening this summer. The 10,000 sq ft retail space is the latest lettings announcement from Land Securities regarding Trinity Leeds, the 1 million sq ft retail and leisure destination opening on 21 March 2013


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