Monday, October 6, 2014

World’s most expensive perfume By Clive Christian

Harrods launches world’s most expensive perfume priced at more than  173.700 Euro ($220,000)!

Harrods celebrated the opening of their Salon du Parfum boutique with the launch of an utterly extravagant and mind-numbingly expensive perfume. British perfumer Clive Christian created a special edition of his No. 1 perfume for the occasion with the extra special price tag of £143,000, that’s a truly stunning 189.510 Euro ($228,580). Titled No1 Passant Guardant, the perfume is packaged in a bottle that might just need its own security detail! Presented in a crystal bottle covered in 24 carat gold lattice work and decked out in diamonds, the bottle ensures that the perfume lives up to its marketing tagline: the world’s most expensive perfume.’

The bottle features the signature crown shaped top -which was an homage to Queen Victoria- in a diamond studded avatar and boasts a lion motif that includes two yellow diamonds and a rare pink diamond. The gold lattice work is all handcrafted and the bottle features a total of 2,000 flawless, individually set diamonds.

While we’re reasonably floored by Harrods’ Gilt trip, we wish they had given us a swoon worthy perfume too! We may not judge books by their cover but we certainly judge perfumes by their bottles and to know that this Midas-touched marvel contains the standard 570 Euro (£450-$720) No. 1 perfume is a tad disappointing. We’re not sure if an iconic bottle is enough to make us part with two hundred thousand dollars!

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