Friday, January 4, 2013

French Chateau in Studio City, Los Angeles - FOR SALE

Built in 2004, this stunning French-style
is located in Studio City, Los Angeles and it is currently on the market, priced at 5.971.500Euro ($7,785,000). It is a truly amazing residence, with al sorts of lavish amenities spread over 1.122Sqm ( 11,000 square feet) of living spaces.

The house is set on a 2-acre lot which also includes an infinity pool, tennis court, superb gardens, and outdoor kitchen. The grand entrance amazes with its spectacular double staircase, and the story of opulence continues throughout the residence. Remarkable details and high-end finishes make every room 
grand havens of luxury
There are eight bedrooms in the house, 10 bathrooms, elegant living and dining areas, a huge kitchen fitted with all sorts of expensive appliances, a home theater, and much more, all spread over 2 levels of lavishness

Ref:  French Chateau in Studio City