Thursday, August 30, 2012

Virtuoso Specialists in the Art of Travel

Virtuoso® is a network of the world’s finest travel agencies with knowledgeable advisors who draw upon first-hand experience to craft the perfect vacation for you. Virtuoso affiliated travel advisors have global connections with the best hotels, cruise lines, airlines and tour companies. For you, this means access to exclusive travel offers that you can’t get on your own, along with your best value for the money.

Virtuoso is the industry’s leading luxury travel network, comprised of more than 6,000 travel advisors across 22 countries within North and South America, the Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand.

Those who have qualified as a Virtuoso travel advisor specialize in helping traveler’s plan the world’s best vacations.

As a result of their membership in Virtuoso, independent travel agencies receive sales, marketing and technology support, specialized training and accreditation programs, as well as exclusive services and products. Being a client of a Virtuoso travel advisor means your travels will be customized to your specific desires by a foremost expert, and that you’ll be recognized as one of the most prestigious guests in the world with all the privileged access, perks and service that implies.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Maia, luxury property in the Seychelles

Stretching 30 acres amongst lush tropical gardens, on a private peninsula on the southwest coast of the main island of Seychelles, Mahe, Maia Luxury Resort & Spa overlooks Anse Louis. Each of the 30 spacious one bedroom villas has uninterrupted ocean views, some nestled on the white sandy beaches, and others perched high on the mountain top with panoramic views. With a living space of approx. 250 square metres each villa has its own infinity pool and spacious outdoor gazebo with large bed.  A personal butler is available 24 hour for the duration of the stay, providing almost telepathic levels of service and tailor made experience, pre-empting any guest requirements.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

McLaren MP4-12C Spider Soon on the 2013 Market

Looking for a new awesome convertible to bring to your lavish garage? Here’s a suggestion: the 2013 McLaren MP4-12C Spider. It’s the second model in the irresistible MP4-12C lineup, and it will appear on the market in November.

The convertible roof was manufactured by Lotus as an advanced three-piece system that can be lowered in as little as 17 seconds, at speeds of about 20mph. Once you’ve removed the Retractable Hard Top, the level of excitement and noise is instantly dialed up “especially at the speeds that the 12C Spider will be capable of”, according to the British automaker.

Almost identical to its coupe sibling, the 12C Spider is powered by a 3.8-liter V8 twin-turbo engine that can deliver 616 hp. The power is transmitted to the high performance wheels via a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. Offered in 17 different color options, and a number of exterior and interior upgrades (audio system, navigation, detailing, etc), this new McLaren is definitely a stunner!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Contributors for Passion4Luxury


Passion4Luxury is a luxury lifestyle publication. In addition to its staff writers and editorial team, Passion4Luxury is always looking for new talent to provide its readers with fresh insight, covering a wide range of topics. As a contributor, you can build your portfolio, gain invaluable writing exposure, and be seen by thousands of monthly readers.


To apply, complete your profile with a description that includes your background and experience. Be sure to include a photo of yourself and any links to your blog or website. Once approved, Passion4Luxury Contributors can submit unpaid articles for consideration by simply emailing us at

As articles you submit are approved, your public profile will become a portfolio of your work on Passion4Luxury. You may even be featured in the sections you contribute to and if you become a very active writer that submits quality work, we might add you as an Official writer of our Passion4Luxury. Being a contributor is a great opportunity for any writer, we hope you'll join us.



Calling all fashionistas! Do you follow all of the latest in fashion? If you are always ahead of the game when it comes to spotting new trends your voice will be heard while you create a lasting name for yourself in one of the fastest growing markets today.


Do you have a passion for aircraft, cars, boats or Luxury products?

If you have insider knowledge or expertise within the luxury lifestyle industry you can continue to build a name for yourself within the luxury market as a Passion4Luxury Contributor.


Do you have a deep understanding of a particular destination? If you possess first-hand knowledge from living in or visiting a specific country, city or region, build your portfolio by becoming a Travel Contributor.

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