Saturday, April 28, 2012

Marchesa Fall 2012

 Where does one begin? So many beauties to choose from. Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig have always been master creators of exquisite red-carpet-worthy gowns, and Fall 2012 is no exception.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

PAL-V flying car

Did you ever find yourself stuck in traffic and wishing you could just take off and fly away from that living hell? Of course you did! But what if we told you that your daydream is not very far from reality? PAL-V Europe NV has created the first real flying car, a three-wheeled vehicle that can also take off and fly over obstacles just like a regular helicopter.

Called the PAL-V ONE, this outstanding two-seat hybrid vehicle features a gasoline engine that pushes it to speeds of up to 112 mph, both on the road and in the air. Being cleared to fly below 4,000 feet (the airspace with uncontrolled Visual Flight Rules traffic), the gyroplane will take you over lakes, rivers and mountains, sparing you the trouble of finding an alternative route around the obstacle.

Feel free to explore the world in a comfortable and exciting way, both on land and in air! Let yourself conquered by a smooth driving experience characterized by impressive agility, plus perfectly safe and easy take offs, flights and landings. Thanks to its gyroplane technology, the vehicle can be safely brought back on land even in case of engine failure, as the rotor keeps auto spinning for an easy and safe landing.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Noma the best restaurant in the world goes to London

 René Redzepi 
The chef of the best restaurant in the world will be opening a pop-up version of his Copenhagen restaurant Noma in London this summer to mark the Olympic Games.

Best known in the culinary world for pioneering the foraging movement in which chefs use hyper-local ingredients like wild herbs and plants, René Redzepi will be exporting his restaurant Noma to London’s luxury hotel Claridge’s for 10 days.

The pop-up will give Noma fans a better chance at snagging a seat at what’s become one of the most coveted and exclusive dinner reservations in the world.

Noma has topped the World’s 20 Best Restaurants list for two years running and Redzepi was also named one of Time magazine 100 Most Influential People in the World this month.

Redzepi will create a five-course menu that will reflect the signature flavors and dishes from Noma  using local, seasonal British ingredients, says Claridge’s.

“A Taste of Noma at Claridge’s” will be open for lunch and dinner in the hotel’s ballroom from July 28 to August 6. A five-course menu is priced at 240Euro (£195).

Noma is best known for its fanatical approach to foraging but there is much more to this ground-breaking restaurant than the mere picking of Mother Nature's pocket.
It's the entire package, from its ingredient ingenuity to flawless execution, that makes it a beacon of excellence and which leads to an emotive, intense, liberating way of eating, unlike any other. Many have copied chef Rene Redzepi's approach, most have failed. For the best in class, Noma really is the number one place to go.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Li Bing Bing For Gucci revealed

Li Bing Bing on Gucci's new ad campaign.

After a star-studded weekend in Shanghai, Gucci has revealed a new campaign starring a gorgeous Chinese actress.

Li Bing Bing shows off Gucci fine jewelry, timepieces, and handbags in the Solve Sunsbo-shot campaign, debuts this month across Asia.

Li Bing Bing in Gucci's new ad campaign.

"Li Bing Bing has an effortless beauty ans an innate sophistication," said Frida Giannini in a statement.

"Working with her has been rewarding - she has the optimism and the talent that go hand-in-hand with individual style. She embodies the Gucci woman with her contemporary femininity."

"I am delighted to collaborate with Gucci on this new campaign," said Bing Bing. "Frida's vision is very inspiring, and I truly enjoyed interpreting every iconic piece from the House's vibrant legacy."

Frida Giannini and Li Bing Bing

Henk the 15.500 Euro Suitcase

Created by Dutch designer Henk Van De Meeve, this lightweight suitcase has a solid carbon fibre body which is similar to the one used for Formula One cars racing cars. Though compact in structure, it is said to have 500 individual parts including 22 moving parts. Materials used to create this briefcase include Italian burl, Madagascar Ebony, horse hair, Magnesium, Aluminum and Titanium.
 For safe keep, it has a liquid crystal polymer anti-theft cord, and only 5 editions were made.

15.500Euro ($20,000) price tag this an extremely luxurious and exclusive bag

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