Monday, April 30, 2012

Hotel Le Bristol Paris

Hotel Le Bristol is often described as an intimate palace combined with refined elegance and extraordinarily attentive, gracious service. Opened in 1924, the hotel now stands grander and more elegant than ever, after a recent multi-million dollar re-furbishment project. Built in Eiffel style, Hotel Le Bristol features original art and Gobelin tapestries throughout the hotel. Its lobby displays 23 Baccarat crystal chandeliers, a Carrara marble floor with a 19th century Savonnerie carpet.
Hotel Le Bristol is renowned for offering its distinguished guests, composed largely of the world's statesmen and CEO's, the utmost in personalized service. It provides a staff to guest ratio of two to one. The hotel also has a summer and winter restaurant, and a brand new fitness center. The glass enclosed roof-top swimming pool is set in solid teak and gives the impression of the prow of an ocean liner sailing towards Sacre Coeur and the Paris skyline. A Trompe L'Oeil of the Eden Roc Hotel at Cap D'Antibes enhance the vision. Bay windows open out onto a sun deck with lounge chairs which overlook Paris. A 13,000 square foot manicured garden with flowers and camelia trees lies at the heart of the hotel.

Spa Le Bristol by La Prairie, the definition of French luxury

One of the newest and most haute couture spas to open recently in Paris is Spa Le Bristol Spa by La Prairie, the definition of French luxury. Designed by Maja Oetker herself with the guiding collaboration of famous architect Pierre-Yves Rochon, the 3-level spa bathes you in natural light and fresh air, above all when you book one of their treatment rooms with a private garden terrace. Or, reserve one of the “Duo” cabins and be sure to ask for the one that comes with its own Turkish and whirlpool baths in addition to the private balcony terrace. Relaxation spa nibbles are provided by Chef Eric FrechonLe Bristol’s own chef with three Michelin stars.
Color palette of serene sand and tan is no less than what you would expect from one of the world’s most iconic luxury hotels made immortal by Woody Allen’s Midnight In Paris.With accents of amber and gold that lend warmth and white orchids that grace small nooks, the overall ambiance is welcoming and peaceful. In addition to their Parisian exclusive La Prairie alliance, they also offer a multi-hydro treatment room, the “Russian Room,” singularly situated underneath the main treatment area where a Russian Spa Treatment is offered using medicinal herbs combined simultaneously with water therapy as you receive your full body massage.

In the Kitchen, Chef Eric Frechon revisits the basics of French Cuisine with style. His creed" To bring back products that were unfairly taken out of the gastronomic vocabulary that one should appreciate solely for their simplicity. The Chef's respect for products has evolved into him giving simple foods the attention that they deserve, such as "Macaroni in Black Truffles" and "Chicken Breast". Since he joined Le Bristol in 1998, the Normandy-born Chef sought to develop a style of cooking that he defines as "Cuisine based on France's culinary culture which is changing constantly, like language: a cuisine that combines flavours, spices and fresh herbs." Chef Eric Frechon invites you to savour his imaginative cuisine that gives pride to the purest, most natural flavours allowing them to express their full taste and character. Throughout the year the Chef orchestrates and highlights seasonal products on several occasions such as the Mushroom Month in the autumn or the Truffle Month in January.

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Marchesa Fall 2012

 Where does one begin? So many beauties to choose from. Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig have always been master creators of exquisite red-carpet-worthy gowns, and Fall 2012 is no exception.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

PAL-V flying car

Did you ever find yourself stuck in traffic and wishing you could just take off and fly away from that living hell? Of course you did! But what if we told you that your daydream is not very far from reality? PAL-V Europe NV has created the first real flying car, a three-wheeled vehicle that can also take off and fly over obstacles just like a regular helicopter.

Called the PAL-V ONE, this outstanding two-seat hybrid vehicle features a gasoline engine that pushes it to speeds of up to 112 mph, both on the road and in the air. Being cleared to fly below 4,000 feet (the airspace with uncontrolled Visual Flight Rules traffic), the gyroplane will take you over lakes, rivers and mountains, sparing you the trouble of finding an alternative route around the obstacle.

Feel free to explore the world in a comfortable and exciting way, both on land and in air! Let yourself conquered by a smooth driving experience characterized by impressive agility, plus perfectly safe and easy take offs, flights and landings. Thanks to its gyroplane technology, the vehicle can be safely brought back on land even in case of engine failure, as the rotor keeps auto spinning for an easy and safe landing.

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