Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Qatar Airways A380 First Class suites

Qatar Airways A380 First Class suites come with caviar, spa like bathrooms and Armani kits.

Up until recently, we thought that the Paul Smith blankets were a great leap for airborne-kind. But the Georgio Armani washbags on Qatar Airways’ new Airbus A380 prove there’s always more room for luxury on an airline. So much room in fact that first class cabins have 48cm HD TV screens and seats measuring 23 inches wide.
The upper deck of the new Airbus A380 features eight first-class ‘suites’ that convert into fully flat 2.2 meter-long beds and come swathed in a soft woven fabric and leather, and decorated with engraved copper. Which is something you’d have already known had service not been delayed due to first-class cabins not being high enough. Talk about “high” end.
Speaking of, each suite is kitted out with, besides 48cm personal HD video screens, a huge video library, remotely controlled adjustable lighting and electrically operated window blinds. And when they’re done fishing out hit favorites and adjusting the blinds, passengers can sink their teeth into anything from caviar to Laduree macarons.
Another advantage of the on-demand, á la carte menu on board can be experiencing it over the tables, each of which folds out to create a dining space for two people. Not hungry? Then just head to the ‘sanctuary in the sky’ for drinks! A cavernous niche serves as a lounge and bar, decked in stunning Arabian-esque chandeliers, fresh flowers and large leather settees.
And if that weren’t indulgent enough, first class cabins also feature two bathrooms, each of which reportedly ‘creates a spa-like warmth’. And boasts a large sink with sensor-operated taps in addition to a wardrobe the size of a changing room, with pockets containing slippers, pyjamas and Giorgio Armani and Christian Dior amenity kits.
The aircraft has been configured to seat 517 passengers on twin decks- eight in first class, 48 in business, and 461 in economy. Flights on Doha-London Heathrow and Doha to Paris routes will begin operation on October 10th 2014 and fare for the first class round trip between London and Doha starts at €5,000 ($6,400).

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