Sunday, January 11, 2015


Now already passed, year 2014 was very successful for Bentley company, whose sales reached 11,020 units, which is 9 percent more than in 2013, when they sold 10,120 cars...

From Bentley, they say that a significant increase in sales was achieved thanks to the launch of new models like the Continental GT V8 S and GT Speed coupe andconvertible and Flying Spur V8 models.
Strong demand is received from key regions of America, China, Europe and the Middle East, while the US market is still number one as far as the Bentley Company. China has filled the void and now has the second largest number of customers Bentley brand.
American region now has about 29 percent of global sales, and they closed the year with 3,186 sales, as compared to 3,140 they achieved in 2013. Bentley brand sold 2,670 cars in China, compared to the 2,191 they sold in 2013.

Sales in Europe increased by 4 percent, with 1,539 cars sold. At home, in the UK, Bentley brand sold 1,387 cars, as opposed to the 1,381 that were sold in 2013. This means that 87 percent of Bentley production was intended for export in 2014.
As for Asian and Middle-Eastern region, sales reached a record last year. In the Middle East, Bentley sold 1,263 cars, or 7 percent more compared to the 1,185 cars that were sold in 2013, thanks to strong demand for Muslanne Flagship model. The Asian market has a sales increase of 48 percent compared to 2013, ie 669 cars compared to the 452 that were sold in 2013.
Finally, in Japan, sales increased by five percent, or 306 cars were sold, unlike 2013, when they sold 291 cars.

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