Friday, October 2, 2015

Embraer's Legacy 450 Executive Jet

Let’s discover today the Legacy 450 Jet, outstanding apparel regarding all its equipment and innovations,the most comfortable and powerful of its category.
Optimized comfort for the pilot and the passengers, high performances, the ideal jet for your business travels.

Exceptional performances and high security

The Legacy 450 Jet possesses true flight qualities and exceptional performances for the mid-light Jet category.

With a speed of Mach 0.83, it will bring you to 43.000 ft (13.000m) in only 21mn and will reach a maximal flight altitude of 45.000 ft (13700m). With these qualities, the Legacy 450 Jet is the fastest of its category.
The fastest, but also the most reassuring thanks to its last technologies provided to the pilot. It is the first jet to replace conventional controls with full fly-by-wire technology, true envelope protection for the pilot, minimizing the pilot’s workload and delivering an ultra-smooth flight experience. The control commands are improved while enjoying an optimized comfort due to the cabin and seats’ design and an ergonomic system that reduces the pilot fatigue.

Passengers’ comfort

With a 6-feet (1.82m) tall and 24-feet (7.30m) long cabin, the Legacy 450 Jet is today the largest of its category.

Its 9 passengers would enjoy an exceptional comfort thanks to its two center club seats fully berth to create beds and the other seats that swivel to ensure maximum space. A heating and massage option is available for a travel full of luxury and well-being.

Add to the Legacy 450 Jet’s comfort its luxurious equipment as its microwave oven, its Nespresso machine or its unique wet galley. These ones would also appreciate a full HD video system and an optional surround audio, the Apple TV and a wi-fi connection for shorter and more pleasant travels.

The Legacy 450 Jet last innovation is an accessible in-flight stowage compartment added to an external one, that procures to the jet the largest storage capacity of its class.

It is no wonder that with such innovations and performances the Legacy 450 Jet offers you a stunning flight pleasure for a delightful experience during your business travels.

Discover the Legacy 450 Jet

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