Saturday, September 24, 2016


Yes you’ve read well! If you leave for Casa Cook Rhodes, impossible to bring the children because there everything is gathered to rest far from noises and all-day stress with your lover, your friends or with the new friends you’ll meet there.
Located only a few steps away from Kolymbia Beach, this peaceful and bohemian resort is waiting for you on Rhodes Greek Island since May 2016.


With its 90 rooms and bungalow suites, Casa Cook Rhodes adopts a bohemian attitude matched with a bit of modernity for a peaceful stay, in a minimalist décor, both relaxing and eclectic. This contemporary resort stands out from the hillside landscape rising 200m behind it, surrounded by lush greenery, several pools, little pathways and wooden bridges and pergolas, easily accessible thanks to open architecture surrounded by huge bay windows.

Through Casa Cook Rhodes and its rooms, you can discover plenty of materials, textiles, wood and canvas, assorted to colourful and bright patterns. Vintage pieces, handmade objects and a few curious finds ornate each space and rooms, each with a poolside or even a private Jacuzzi or pool. Greek crafts are also omnipresent but even if it could be called “rustic”, each room or suite is equipped with all necessary technologies for a pleasant stay, as well as an opened bathroom and a private terrace. There you can choose between rooms from 26sq.m to 55sq.m concerning lofts and split-level rooms.

With each guest, all Casa Cook Rhodes’ staff is entirely dedicated to their weel-being, while staying perfectly discreet, welcoming you as a friend, and radiating a positive energy all day long. And friends, it would be easy to find thanks to the resort’s amenities.


At Casa Cook Rhodes you can share your retreat with your love one or with the other travellers, thanks to all the occasions facilitating new friendships. Interior and outdoor spaces have been built to help people meet and share pleasant moments, even if some spaces allow you to rest alone with all necessary tranquillity.

If you wish to stay alone at the fully-equipped gym at Casa Cook Rhodes it is also possible, with or without your personal trainer, as well as private yoga sessions on your terrace. However, if you wish to meet other guests, you can share your diner around huge friendly tables at the hotel’s restaurant where you can have lunch whenever you want, and talk about typical Greek plates, made with local ingredients.

Finally if you want to explore with your new friends, Casa Cook Rhodes can arrange cultural stops like Tsambika pilgrimage spot to UNESCO sites, tavernas or unknown beaches, but also nature trails where few tourists go and shopping at artisans galleries.

If bohemian style suits you, you can also go to Casa Cook Rhodes‘ concept store to find some fashion or homeware to pick with you before going back home. A perfect destination to satisfy your hippy side!

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