Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Whether it is Bentley Continental Supersport coupe or convertible, they are both the two fastest new four-seat cars in the world. A prowess realised by Bentley who collects success since the last Continental Supersport 2009.


If Bentley Continental Supersport wins today the title of fastest production model to date, it is certainly due to its impressive W12 engine specially developed by Bentley. Indeed this one allows the supercar to reach an amazing top speed of 336 km/h and a 0-60 mph in only 3.4 seconds.

But let’s focus on the Bentley Continental Supersport’s W12. This one has been redeveloped and largely improved in order to reach the new GT’s performances. Then it now possesses new high-performance turbos, a new hardware as well as a new torque vectoring system. So the car becomes as agile as powerful.

But to never interfere with such power, Bentley Continental Supersport is also equipped with new carbon ceramic brakes and the largest brake discs in the world to match extreme conditions. Concerning the exhaust, this one can be ordered in titanium finition to bring the car a thrilling sound experience that only equals the drive.

With such power under the bonnet, Bentley Continental Supersport had to be as fierce as its external appearance.


Bentley Continental Supersport should be both fierce and elegant at the first sight and then remind all Bentley’s British style. So the front has been totally sculpted and a carbon fibre appears as well as a carbon fibre splitter. Glossy black now dress the front wing vents as well as the exhaust tailpipe. Finally, new glossy black grill, lights, new rear bumper, door handles and window surrounds should also surprise amateurs…

Inside, Bentley Continental Supersport introduces for the first time in this generation Continental GT a tri-tone interior. A diamond design has been subtly inserted on Alcantara leather seats as well as door panels. Finally, carbon-fibre fascia panels come to remind the supercar’s fierce look.

Of course, new Supersports emblems have been drawn and inserted specially for Bentley Continental Supersport, as well as a bespoke steering wheel and gearlever, two new assets that will help Bentley lovers to fall in love with these Supersport editions, whether it is the coupe version or the convertible!

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