Tuesday, November 14, 2017

4 things that we learnt from YouTube star and social media sensation Logan Paul

When we first heard that social media star and YouTube vlogger, Logan Paul was coming to Dubai, we reacted the way that most of his 48 million fans would – with a little scream and a slight panic attack.
And, while our reaction may have been slightly dramatic (sorry to the lady that sits behind our Art Director), it was justified, because not only did we get to meet the 22-year-old star, we also learnt a lot from him.

Being the selfless title that we are, we’ve decided to share our experience with you. Behold, the four things that we learnt from Logan Paul.

1. Being an influencer is hard.
When you have a combined social media following of over 48 million, everything you post has to engage your audience. If it doesn’t, there’s a more than likely chance that they will move on the next person. “It’s so crazy because when I started social media, I never thought it would turn into this. I’m still in the baby stage of my career. And, I’m already pretty big, so it’s really exciting. And, as long as the right people keep working hard and creating next level content, we're good,” he explains.

2. The UAE loves him.
Over 11,000 fans swarmed The Dubai Mall this past weekend for a chance to see the 22-year-old vlogger and social media star. No, really – it was intense, watch the videos below and, see for yourself. Paul received the exact same reaction when he headlined the ITP Live Influencer Marketing Conference the following day (Sunday, November 12) as well as when he attended the ITP Live meet and greet on Monday, November 13.

3. It’s all about taking risks.
In order to be the internationally recognized personality that he is today, Paul had to choose between his passion and furthering his education. “It was difficult, to just drop out of college. It’s such a leap and sometimes taking that jump can be scary. Everyone is faced with a pivotal point in their life where they have to decide whether to take a leap or not. But I am a maverick. I took a leap,” he explains.

4. It’s about quality and not quantity.
Paul reveals that in order to be successful in the fast pace world that is social media, you have to understand your product, fill a niche, be creative and edit your footage properly. “You can’t take any of this for granted. Execution, if you are filming something, is crucial. If the lighting isn’t right or the audio is poor, nobody will watch your stuff.

“And, if they do, they won’t come back. When it comes to editing, well, this is absolutely huge. There must be consistency in what you do, and it must be relevant. You don’t just upload. Believe me, editing is everything.”

He added: “This is all very scientific. I was an engineer doing industrial and systems engineering, which was about efficiency and processes. Dude, it’s a formula and I have perfected it.”

If you'd like to find out more about Logan's whirlwind Dubai trip, watch the video below

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