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Superyacht Charter – You May Want To consider These Six Things

With so many superyachts gleaming at the docks, it can be difficult to select a superyacht charter. Obviously, the luxury yacht needs to take you to dream destinations while providing all the comfort you desire, but there is more to picking a superyacht to charter than meets the eyes.

It’s a fact; no two superyacht charter is the same. Some luxury yachts cater to families wishing to spend quality time together while others are better suited for an intimate romantic retreat. Some have a shallow draft allowing you to inch your way in unchartered waters while others are perfectly capable of handling an expedition to Antarctica.

Planning a superyacht charter can seem overwhelming. First, you need to determine whether you want to head for sun-drenched island shores, lush rainforests, cosmopolitan cities or far-flung exotic destinations. Then you need to find the right the best ship to suit your personal cruising style. As a former superyacht crew member that has sailed from Thailand to New England, here are six things you may want to consider for your next superyacht charter.
Superyacht Charter - My Starfire

The Superyacht Captain
The person at the helm is of significant importance. A superyacht Captain with a can-do positive attitude, a wealth of knowledge and a little black book of contacts can truly make all the difference when it comes to planning the perfect escape. You want to feel comfortable with your captain and at ease with his/her suggestions. You want to trust their expertise that goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure you get the best experience possible. Finding a captain who comes with sterling recommendations and a first-class stamp next to their name should be at the top of your list when it comes to priorities

Superyacht Charter - My Starfire

The Superyacht Crew
The experience and longevity of the crew will make the difference when it comes to availability of seamless service during your stay. The longer the crew has been working together, the more intuitive they will be when it comes to what Captain Sputh of MY Starfire calls “Effortless Service”. Effortless service happens the moment a charter guest forego all incertitude and concerns as to whether or not they should allow themselves to fall into the complete and utter care of the Captain and crew. When on board you want professional and flawless service with a personal touch that is illuminated through attention to detail, impeccable interaction and everything in between.

Superyacht Charter - My Starfire 

The Superyacht Chef
Indulging in finely crafted food can add to the decadence of your superyacht vacation which is why you need to think about the chef when selecting your dream charter. You want a chef who is experienced, innovative and perfectly able to pick plates that match your palate. From fresh and organic breakfasts on the deck to lavish lunches and delicious dinners beneath the stars, you want to ensure you have a chef who will make you say wow every time you lift a fork.

Superyacht Charter - My Starfire 

The Superyacht Amenities
Superyacht charters come in all shapes and sizes and with many different designs meaning you can pick the perfect surroundings to make you feel completely at home. From lush interiors swathed in silks to simplistic Zen-like minimalist décor, you should always consider which style of superyacht will add delight and inspiration to your stay. Consider cabin berths, layout, bathroom size, the inclusion of a spa, gym, outdoor pool and other added extras that will turn your stay into an experience like no other.

Superyacht Charter - My Starfire 

The Superyacht Sundeck
Even if the interior of your beautiful superyacht is adorned in opulence you want to scan the sundeck to ensure it is an environment perfectly tailored for relaxation and rejuvenation. Plush lounging areas, decadent designs and plenty of shade are the starting points for a fabulous spot to whisk away the hours out on the sea. Most superyacht charters come complete with bubbling hot tubs, lavish outdoor dining areas, crystal clear swimming pools and an open plan concept.

Superyacht Charter - My Starfire

The Superyacht Watersports & Toys Selection
Long sun-drenched afternoons call for excitement and fun out in the open water playground, and you want to ensure that your luxury yacht is set up to offer plenty of opportunity for fun. Many superyachts will have toys and experts on board who can help you take to the waves in style. Those looking to explore the sea bed may want to choose a superyacht with a diving instructor on board. You can also ask about the availability of kayaks for lazy afternoon paddling, Quadski for tearing up the ocean and its shores or fishing gear for those deep sea explorations.
Superyacht Charter - My Starfire

Although you might want to rely on your broker to pick your superyacht, don’t forget to use search engines and social media to learn a little more about the Captain its crew before signing on that dotted line. A great superyacht charter is all about the crew.

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