Friday, July 13, 2018

International wedding photographer Vangelis Beltzenitis

Creating breathtaking imagery for couples all over Greece and around the world, top wedding photographer, Vangelis Beltzenitis, turns life's moments into works of art.
His passion, talent, and love for photography are undeniable while his style is a brilliant blend of editorial and creative documentary, giving his couples emotionally-charged, romantic, vibrant images with a perfect balance between candid snapshots and editorial portraits. He has developed a personal, timeless photography style that allowed him to differentiate himself from the majority of wedding photographers today who chose to follow and adapt to industry style trends that may fade in a few years.
Growing up as a child in the late 70's and 80's and as a photographer in the 90's, Vangelis is fortunate to have lived in very different times when it comes to photography. It was the film era. As a teenager, the way to express himself was through a Nikon FM2, a 50mm lens and countless rolls of Tri-X 400 black and white film. Ever since he got his first camera in his hands and started shooting, he became almost obsessed with the idea of using light creatively as a form of visual poetry, while the ideas of balance and symmetry in his frames to make his images aesthetically appealing were -and still are- key notions behind his photography style. 
His in-depth knowledge of photography rules and his vast experience during the 23 years that he is a professional photographer are evident in his images and have allowed him to rise to international status, as apart from Greece, he has shot weddings in many other destinations, such as Capri, Florence and Venice in Italy, Phuket in Thailand, Aruba, New York and Chicago, Jodhpur and Hyderabad in India, Dubai, Yerevan in Armenia, Lebanon, Bali, and Turkey among others. His work has been published in international magazines and blogs, such as Brides, Grace Ormonde, Harper's Bazaar Arabia, Strictly Weddings and Wedluxe.
Vangelis considers wedding photography one of the most demanding and challenging photography genres since a good wedding photographer should master many different photography fields (such as documentary, portrait, still life) and also has to be effective under the stress of time, as moments happen only once. The couples and the people, in general, are his priority in a wedding. His brides, in particular, are Vangelis' source of inspiration, and he likes to bring out                                               beauty and sensuality.
Mykonos  -------------------------------------------------Mykonos
Santorini -----------------------------------------------Santorini
Santorini -------------------------------------------------Santorini

 Dubai ------------------------------------------------------- Santorini
 New York

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