Monday, June 3, 2019

Dar Ahlam Ouarzazate, Morocco

A restored 19th-century kasbah, Dar Ahlam, "the House of Dreams," is one of Morocco's most exclusive and sumptuous hideaways and with its epic desert setting, impeccable service, and intimate more-house-than-hotel feel, you may never want to wake up.
Each stunning suite takes up an entire side of the building, and while no two suites are the same, each offers heated floors, Atlas mountain views, and fireplaces, as well as an adjoining riad with decadent pampering treatments. Meals are served whenever you like, and never with other guests. The dining area changes nightly, so in the company of glorious food, petals, and candles, you can discover different parts of the kasbah with each passing day.

Here it’s all about the experience. They can arrange a special lunch in the gorges followed by a trek, mountain biking or you may just enjoy hanging out by the swimming pool. Other options include dune buggies, quad bikes, and if you plan ahead of time, you can even ride motorcycles. Another option is to have sand boards ready in camp.

From the start, everything is very well-thought-out. After a drive through the High and Mid Atlas Mountains, you arrive the traditional way – through the Kasbah. The property itself is a real piece of art. There is no reception, so you always meet in the main area if you need anything. There also is not a set time or place for dinner. You just show up and they take you through the building where they setup special, private dining areas for everyone. 

The rooms are huge and unbelievably tasteful – they exude peace and tranquility. Even the soap, which is perfectly cut in small chunks as not to waste it, is perfectly thought-out. The products are all made with almonds and smell wonderful. What a special place! Dar Ahlam orchestrates everything quite beautifully.

Owner of Dar Ahlam Thierry Teyssier said: “My vision for Dar Ahlam was to create a place of unforgettable beauty, a slice of untouched nature, exclusive experiences, cuisine to savour, and the opportunity for guests to escape from the chaotic world to their own private sanctuary.”

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