Friday, November 20, 2020

Menacing 132m Megayacht by Lazzarini

Looks like Jaws may soon have some competition as King of the Seas. Lazzarini Design Studio has just unveiled a menacing new megayacht concept with an upper deck that resembles a giant shark.

The 132m (501-footer) is roughly 20 times the size of Spielberg’s famed Great White and would be one of the largest vessels in existence should it come to fruition. The concept goes by the name of Prodigium, which means a wondrous or unnatural thing in Latin. Seems fitting. It was actually inspired by ancient Roman architecture, which explains its monolithic scale.

Prodigium features no less than six different decks. The upper level was designed specifically to resemble a shark and comprises the main living area. That’s right, you’ll be relaxing in the belly of the beast. The vessel is forged from carbon fiber and aluminum and features a pointed nose, a gray colorway, and a series of diagonal lines that are reminiscent of teeth.

On the deck below, the main entrance is distinguished by two stately Roman columns that also serve to support the upper structure. The sprawling interior offers ample lounging areas, a dining room, and a galley, along with cabins for 44 guests, 18 staff, and 12 crew.

Outside, Prodigium sports three oversized swimming pools where seafarers can swim, notably sans sharks. The pools are situated at the aft of each deck. For a little extra pizzaz, the pool on the upper deck features a waterfall that cascades into the body of water below.

Given her size, Prodigium has plenty of space for toys, too. The vessel can carry a total of eight tenders across two garages and has a private port at the aft of the lower deck where vessels as big as 98 feet can dock. She’s also fitted with a crane to get your day boats into the water. Up top, she can accommodate three helicopters, each with its own hangar.

When it comes to power, Prodigium is fitted with solar panels cross the upper deck for clean, green energy. She also sports a hybrid propulsion system that would give a cruising speed of 22 knots. Whether intentional or not, that puts the vessel on par with a Great White, which has an estimated top swimming speed of 25 mph.

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