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A dreamscape of impossible beauty. With a mirage-like backdrop of luxurious overwater villas in the middle of an infinite, piercing ocean – we explore Soneva Jani’s destination wedding spaces and honeymoon stays.

A dreamscape of impossible beauty and unthinkable design elements. A mirage-like scene dropped into the middle of an infinite, piercing blue ocean. An imaginative playground brought to life through cutting-edge architecture yet grounded by nature. If there was ever a destination that had us questioning whether what we were seeing was real – this was it.

Arriving by seaplane or boat you’re driven by golf buggy through Soneva Jani‘s winding wooden paths, shapeshifting to slowly reveal the drama of the resort. Every bend frames a unique vantage point. Luxurious over-water bungalows with waterslides that plunge into the ocean are dotted throughout the resort. Bold, imaginative designs you long to see more of as you whirl past. Residences that feel dramatically exposed and beautifully hidden from any other guest.

In a palette of bleached timbers, chalky textures, and whitewashed finishes that are all handmade on the island, Soneva Jani dances beautifully between luxurious and modern, and soulfully organic. A design that only quietly interrupts the breathtaking natural surroundings.

The Luxurious Water Villas

There are an abundance of over-water villas to choose from in the Maldives. But trust us, it does not get better than this.  Stunning retreats in the middle of a glistening lagoon, retractable roofs that let you sleep under the stars, private pools, catamaran nets, sunken seats, day beds, in-room gyms, wine cellars – and let’s not forget the waterslides.

Cinema Paradiso

A floating cinema in the middle of the sea, to experience classic films and contemporary favorites under the stars. Lounge in luxurious day beds, or suspended catamaran nets, sip cocktails and indulge in an exquisite menu or complimentary popcorn and ice cream.

The Over-Water Restaurant

An expansive restaurant suspended over the lagoon, ‘So Fresh’ is handcrafted by artisans from recycled timber in bleached palettes, spiral wooden staircases, lounge areas with transparent flooring to view sea life below, and day beds for languid afternoons by the sea. It’s the dreamiest location for a wedding reception, let alone a place for breakfast by the sea each morning.

The Dining Experiences

Renowned for their diverse culinary experiences, Soneva Jani boasts an array of unexpected dining options – from rustic seafood lunches at The Crab Shack (voted as the World’s Most Romantic Restaurant on, to Soneva’s ‘Guess Who’s Cooking’ experience – where you’ll be treated to a surprise menu prepared by one of their chefs in a secret location, Full Moon Dinners served on a sandbar, private picnics on deserted beaches or candlelit dinners under the stars.

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