Saturday, January 14, 2012

George Clooney - Style Icon

Why He's A Style Icon
George Clooney seemed to follow the latest trends in the 1980s, but something happened in the 1990s: He grew up and showed the world how a man should dress. The no-nonsense haircut replaced the floppy kid-next-door look and the clothes went monochromatic with the first Ocean’s film in 2001. Since then he has embodied an updated old-Hollywood style that everyone loves, with black suits for those formal events and gray chinos with white T-shirts for his downtime. His biggest contribution to fashion has been his bringing back of the suit as a fashion mainstay. While so many men fell victim to the idea that jeans are appropriate for every occasion, thanks to George Clooney, it suddenly became cool again to wear a suit. This worked because George Clooney pulled the look off without a tie, which appealed to men because it made them feel free. Also, his attitude of pretending not to notice how dapper he looked made it all the more appealing.

Dress The Clooney Way

Aside from the classic haircut (which George Clooney claims to cut himself), the black, white and gray colour scheme, his crisp white dress shirts sans tie, his sleek black oxfords, and those wraparound shades, George Clooney’s look is truly embodied by the dark charcoal suit. To swipe George Clooney’s classic style, find a charcoal suit with a modern cut, like this Banana Republic dark charcoal suit, and wear it with an open-collared shirt. Look for a suit with a three-button closure, a notch lapel, flap pockets at the hip, and a rear center vent. The trousers should be without pleats or cuffs; this gives the suit the kind of modern European look George Clooney likes to sport.

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