Tuesday, January 10, 2012


A Palace of History and Luxury

My wandering mind often takes me in a wonderful atmosphere. My travels whether real or imagined are often sublime, today’s one is quite unexpected. I travel through the stories of that famous nose of Hermes. I get lost in words when the comfort of one of the chairs of the Shangri-La Paris palace, I go with the sweetness and flavor of the white tea that dresses the atmosphere.
I love the elegance of this hotel that has many stories, but my attention gets attracted by the voices of these two little old ladies who stopped before the grand staircase and raved. One said to the other: “Look at the stairs, it is amazing. It is has an incredible elegance, an unbelievable refinement.” A smile settled on my face, proud to see that there are still fans of beautiful pieces and sumptuous locations. There are flowers, orchids, placed on this beautiful piece of furniture. Then I go to Asia. I could have been to the Indonesian Shangri-la. My well-being would have been the same, I think. Thinking about it, there is this additional soul that dresses the scene. Paris would not be the same without it. He is a man I admire. Napoleon Bonaparte is the emperor who has profoundly transformed lives and has marked my adolescence for many hours. This past caught up with me today, the B written on the windows of this splendid hotel restored according to the group Art by Shangri-La is the nephew of the Emperor, Prince Roland Bonaparte.

Aristocrat, explorer, geographer and botanist, this man seemed extraordinary. In the lobby, listening to the sweet voice of a woman who tells her daughter the story of this unique place full of history and now converted into a palace with a perfect service. In 1889 his accession takes place. Placing this home on the banks of the Seine, an elegant lady relates that Prince Roland Bonaparte built a house on three floors in which private and exceptional rooms had taken possession of the walls. Many parts and many decades later, Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts transforms it in a palace of taste.
Hours of work and a passion for French know-how revealed an exceptional building and full of details inscribed many room as historic places. Then I look at these two ladies marveling at the grand staircase lined with an iron banister and engraved copper of Moreaux’s craftsmen. My thoughts invite me to climb it to discover this architectural treasure. I let myself be guided by the sweet atmosphere of this private residence.
  Consisting of alcoves, marble, arches and arcades, the Shangri-La Paris invited me to lose myself in its decor with soft and relaxing tones of ocher, yellow and white. 81 rooms and suites are making up the heart of this place now having over seven floors. An extraordinary restaurant called La Bauhinia breath Thai flavors and pleasures while the French garden invites to gastronomy at this restaurant called Bee. I get lost in what could be a dream.
In my time travel and my discovery of this luxury case, the first Shangri-La continues to take me from Europe to Asia through various artistic touches scattered in different places. The surprises are waiting for you and my eyes light up when I discover, pulling the curtains of this sublime suite of 220 square meters, the most beautiful Parisian monument, the Eiffel Tower. This majestic iron lace is just as beautiful as that Shangri-La’s suite. 
Sets of mirrors, fabrics of the Lelièvre house, curtains and Art Deco details of the Canovas house, I succumb to the comfort. The luxury of this hotel and the prestige of these suites are just amazing. I feel good, as if Asia carried me away in its travel in well-being and that Bonaparte who was never able to achieve his military career had just conquered my heart long ago drawing sketches of a place now occupied by the excellence of Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts.

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