Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Advertise with Passion4Luxury


Send us now an email with your contact information (full name, name of business, website and advertising interest) at advertise@passion4luxury.com/ and we will respond within 24 hours.


·        To reach an affluent, highly influential, dedicated and international audience of more than 7.780.000 luxury lifestyle aficionados
According to Google Analytic s, Passion4Luxury’s viewership, which grows significantly every month on an international basis, consists of a quality core group of influencers, socialites, business leaders, opinion leaders, taste makers and creative-class types.

·        To stay ahead of competition through an insightful marketing strategy that takes into consideration the latest advertising trends
A constantly increasing percentage of your target audience spends more and more of their time, attention and money online via laptops, tablets and mobile phones.  The stats about the large and swift migration of attention from print and other media to online platforms are staggering. Equally impressive are the findings of surveys showing that high-income individuals represent a larger portion of those online than any other group. Meanwhile, other surveys show that the majority of consumers spend most of their money within a 20-mile radius of their home –a further argument for investing in on-line advertising.

·        To have your ad on a prestigious and exclusive luxury media platform limited to upscale brands and blue-chip advertisements
There is no better way to communicate the prestige of your brand or firm than to keep it in excellent company. Align yourself with the most luxury media platform, as Passion4Luxury is not only an extremely upscale and elegant blog curated by seasoned luxury magazine professionals, but it is also committed to secure equally high standards in the advertised brands and firms, in consistency with its demanding and discerning audience. In this context, Passion4Luxury accepts and features advertisements strictly by high-end firms /brands and we plan to keep it that way!

·        To appear on a sensational online magazine, whose engaging and carefully curated blogs have attracted more than one million viewers from all over the world in less than a year
Passion4Luxury is a groundbreaking lifestyle online magazine offering its sophisticated audience an entrée to the most amazing places around the globe. Transcending the static nature of traditional print magazines, Passion4Luxury updates its content regularly and thus shapes the conversation in travelling, fashion, design, arts and technology, as a powerful means of communication. Furthermore, unlike other online magazines, navigating our blog is easy, fast and aesthetically rewarding. All of the above explain the overwhelmingly enthusiastic reception that Passion4Luxury enjoyed by the international readership since its launch in January 2012; in 5 years time, Passion4Luxury has managed to reach 7.780.000 viewers from all over the globe.

·        To get more for less
Passion4Luxury advertising rates are a fraction of what you would spend for a comparably-sized local print advertisement. To inquire about our 2017 advertising rates please send an email at advertise@passion4luxury.com stating your full name, name of business, website and advertising interest.

·        To lead the interested viewers directly to your own point-of sales page or website via embedded links
An online promotion is superior to any traditional form of advertising because it can lead the interested viewers directly to a point-of-sales page or website home page via embedded links and click-troughs, something no print ad can do! Therefore, the online advertisement with Passion4Luxury offers an amazing amount of added-value and direct sales potential.

·        To reach your targeted audience more than once
Viewers of online ads with Passion4Luxury blog are likely to see them three times per month as opposed to a one-time cursory glance of a print magazine. This is due to the visitors directed to our blog through our fast growing Facebook page Luxury Experiences (boasting more than 947,200 fans and counting!) as well as the regular update of the magazine’s content, guaranteeing many repeat viewers for your ad over the course of a single month.


Passion4Luxury can become your most valued marketing tool attracting attention from all over the globe. Start today and enjoy the privileges of a unique promotion to a vast, select, and affluent audience. In brief these are the main benefits of your promotion with Passion4Luxury:

·                  Advertise at considerably lower rates than in traditional local print media
·                  Efficiently connect with your target audience worldwide
·                  Generate and/or enhance global brand recognition
·                  Widen your reach and visibility to a select and discerning segment of your market
·                  Bolster your marketing power through a pioneering and prestigious medium that adds value to your firm’s reputation.
·                  Join an exclusive community of luxury lifestyle aficionados
·                  Boost your sales

ADVERTISE ON Passion4Luxury

You can obtain an exclusive banner for a period ranging from 6 to 12 months. Please note that your ad will have its own exclusive space on the site; no sharing the space at the same time with any other ads; no tacky ad gutters or pages with lots of small, cluttered box ads jumbled together! There is no such thing as being buried in the back of a magazine, as are ALL non-full page print ads.

For more information regarding advertising possibilities, rates, terms and conditions please do not hesitate to contact Passion4Luxury at the following email: advertise@passion4luxury.com

Looking forward to welcome you, to the Luxury World of Passion4Luxury

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