Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Connecting, Informing and Inspiring the world's leading professionals


Luxury Society is a private business network and online publication, a trusted place for all luxury industry professionals in the world to meet, connect, stay informed, showcase their work, find experts, share ideas, ask questions, find jobs and make business.

In order to maintain a high-quality membership and ensure that our members are serious about doing business, there are only two ways to join Luxury Society.
You must be either invited by an existing member or pay a one-time application fee. Only professionals with proven experience or expertise in the luxury industry will be accepted.

 Luxury Society is created to bring the industry's best and brightest around a 21st century table of ideas. Our mission is simple: to inform and connect our community. By becoming a forum for debate and exchange we strive to herald new concepts, inspire fruitful collaborations and create outstanding business opportunities.


“ Social media is a very effective strategy as people who buy luxury like to be treated differently and they love the sensation of belonging to exclusive clubs. Some online communities can be precisely that. Luxury Society is one of our tools... [and] I do believe that the luxury industry is a more efficient and tangible community as a result. ”

Mr. Jean-Claude Biver
Hublot’s CEO and chairman

“ To date there hasn’t been a singular B2B news source that covers the entire industry. From this perspective, Luxury Society has the opportunity to become an important force on a global scale. ”
Mr. Douglas Gollan
Elite Traveler magazine’s president and chief editor

“ Thanks to the network at Luxury Society, we were able to find new partners to create international events and original co-brandings... We also managed to form a partnership for two private parties that we organized at our Bar at the Plaza Athénée with a company that we met through Luxury Society. ”
Mr. Hervé de Gouvion Saint-Cyr
Hotel Plaza Athénée Paris’s director of sales

“ The Luxury Society network was useful not only for connecting with people in the same industry but also for filling a position at one of our companies though recommendations by members. ”
Ms. Sagra Maceira de Rosen
Reig Capital Group’s managing director of luxury & retail


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