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Award winning M Ultra Lounge, Mykonos

Famous DJ and producer David Morales made a significant business step in the island of Mykonos, obtaining after so many visits during the past years his own lounge bar. Although Greece is suffering a lot during the past two years due to the economic crisis, Morales didn't hesitate to enter the myconian night life business and create his own place, a movement that is going to be an attraction for many local and international celebrities.
When Greek designer Dimitris Economou was asked to create the "m ultra lounge" in Mykonos island, the challenge for his work was huge. He would have to satisfy an internationally acclaimed Grammy-winning house music Dj and producer that has travelled all around the world, visited and played to all possible top clubs in destinations worldwide. Morales guidelines for the lounge bar were simple and concise; he loved sexy places, colored lighting and Miami.
So Dimitris Economou took the challenge to successfully combine the cosmopolitan style of his special client with the Aegean scenery and aura of Mykonos, smoothly matching both aesthetics leaving nothing to chance and finally winning the bet with himself and the people. While relaxing elements, such as silk and viscose fabrics, cozy sofas, teak wood, many plants, a waterfall and the bamboo ceiling turn the lounge bar into a patio, giving a sense of laxity and calmness, white cement floor-very common in Aegean architecture- was combined with white wood laser-cut surfaces reminding the customer of the dominant island color. Many "hand-dressed" lamps decorated with natural materials such as wicker, rope or mother-of-pearl suit the "m's" mood of discreet elegance exuding an ethnic touch.
"Mykonos is an island of controversies and so is the owner of the "m ultra lounge". I could not have missed to combine some tweaked modern details in the place that would give the final touch, such as the red magis "spun chair" in the lounge area, the red chains curtains which distinctly divide the dining area and the transparent polycarbonate stools in the bar area, reflecting the owner's personality and metropolitan air", says the designer Dimitris Economou. And then he adds: " My favorite part of the project is the hidden moving pixel led stripe in the oval shaped wood in the back of the bar that entertains people. The atmosphere is relaxing yet at the same time colorful and busy.  I hope my project gets loved and be embraced  by the people and help them gain some unforgettable memories from their visit".

The place can easily be transformed from an Asian fusion restaurant to a small club as its RGB lighting system meets all the requirements of a fancy, spirited, lively space, and the big oval element with a moving pixel light entertains the bar customers offering a clubbing mood when all other lights go low.
M ULTRA LOUNGE won the International Hotel & Property Award 2012 in the bar/club/lounge category, in London on Sept.28, 2012
Award winning M Ultra Lounge, Mykonos
By Dimitris Economou

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