Sunday, November 18, 2012

Luxury Floating Homes by Orsos Islands

Orsos Islands is an Austrian firm that has come up with a new and very exciting concept for the ultimate luxury vacation. What they offer are man-made “islands” which look very much like floating dream homes. The island in these pictures measures 121 x 65 feet and has a total of six double guestrooms, plus separate quarters for the staff (four members).

The builders of the island paid special attention to the project’s eco-friendliness, giving it an autonomous power supply that works on solar and wind energy, and which also uses seat recovery from sea water.

In terms of amenities and comfort, the artificial island has everything a luxury lover may need: a lovely sundeck with comfy loungers and a Jacuzzi, a covered barbeque area with a bar, and even a generous entertainment area below the water line, which is also ideal for special event gatherings. A beautiful aquarium, kitchenette, restaurant and bar can be found on the main deck, while the upper area features all the necessary conditions and amenities for socializing and entertaining.

Another remarkable feature of the Orsos Islands is that they can be easily linked together and connected to the main land, thus forming a really nice and truly special residential park. One such lavish floating residence is priced at £3 million (approx. $4.7 million)

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