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Pierre Marcolini Belgian luxury chocolats

One of the greatest Chocolatier of all times!  Pierre Marcolini whose name is famed among chocoholics, is Belgian by nationality and Italian by origin.   Absolutely exquisite chocolate by the master of his craft.

Pierre Marcolini is a traditionally trained pastry and chocolate chef who has won several titles such as World Pastry Champion in 1995 and has opened a string of very successful shops in his name in Brussels, Paris, London, Tokyo… Not just that, but the man has charisma and his apparition at the Salon du Chocolat was greeted like that of a rock star, complete with Japanese girls shrieking his name! Now we also found out that beyond the great chocolate artist and the successful businessman there’s also a great guy who is driven by his passion for chocolate.

The aim of Pierre Marcolini is to bring to the world, perfection when it comes to luxury chocolate. In order to do this Marcolini travels around the world meeting producers who are passionate about their work. These producers lead Marcolini to discover rare and very precious beans which are then processed in the workshop and yield chocolate of the finest. This chocolate is more intense, delicate in flavor and harmonious than any found the world over.

The luxury chocolate squares of Pierre Marcolini each weigh barely more than 6 grams. Thanks to the master chocolatiers passion for chocolate and travelling to ensure the manufacture of some of the very best chocolate in the world each luxury square has more texture, fullness and finesse. The secret to making luxury chocolate such as this is finding the very best ingredients and Marcolini goes to the ends of the earth to uncover only the very best.

In fact Pierre Marcolini never compromises when it comes to the raw materials needed for his excellent creations. Travelling to such places as Madagascar, Trinity Island, Latin America and Mexico in search of cocoa beans he is not satisfied with just bringing back the beans as they are. The beans are subtlety blended from the different regions and working with the original aromas the chocolate master creates flavors that are unequalled. Anything from ganaches created with teas from around the world to origin Crus chocolate bars. Marcolini believes that the secret to success with luxury chocolate of the very best lies in the creation of your own coating and using only the very best selected ingredients. Each of these enhances the specialty of the other to create chocolate that is unique, original and always different.

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