Thursday, December 20, 2012

Italia in Ferrari - Italia in Maserati

Red Travel organizes Ferrari Tours of Italy and Ferrari Incentives of Italy, fully assisted by a professional staff always at hand to brief the guests on how to drive the latest Ferrari models, as well as assist them throughout the whole tour. Each journey by Ferrari is created and designed based on each customer's needs. Any location such as Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice, and many more, can be chosen for your Ferrari Tour of Italy.
The Ferrari Tour of Italy by Red Travel offers a unique luxury travel experience, new and exciting journey through Italy at the wheel of the latest Ferraris, to discover the best of Made in Italy, in comfort and luxury.

Breathtaking scenery, wonderful food, and people with an infectious passion for life, it's hard to imagine a country with more to offer.
Red Travel does not just rent you a Ferrari for your trip of Italy. It lets you experience Italy by Ferrari as a First Class traveller. Staying in the very finest hotels, eating at Italy's most famous restaurants, and assisted by a staff of highly qualified professionals. This 1- to 8-day tour can be tailored to suit your every need.
Red Travel is also launching the new product Italia in Maserati, where guests can either drive the latest Maserati Quattroporte, new model 2013, or simply being chauffeured and enjoy the panorama while a driver is taking care of the route.
 Italia in Maserati Quattroporte model 2013

 2005-2012 - Five Star Diamond Award, by American Accademy of Ospitality Sciences: "Red Travel, selected as one of the most innovative and glamorous travel experiences worldwide"
The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences is the world’s premiere organization for awarding excellence in travel, cuisine, luxury products and services. Each year, the Academy bestows its coveted International Star Diamond Award — a recognition that many strive for, but few achieve—on superlative establishments that are deemed to be of pinnacle quality.

 2009 ILTM Awards: “Red Travel, selected as the best and most memorable
 European luxury travel experiences”

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