Friday, February 28, 2014


While Agent Provocateur’s mainline campaign featured a sexy domestic goddess, the spring-summer 2014 collection from its Soirée range is all about showgirl glitz and glamor.
Tassels, crystals and feathers all adorn the couture line which features nightgowns, lingerie sets, silk robes and even swimsuits. See more images from the Soirée collection below.
Soiree is Agent Provocateur‘s premium line. Not that there’s anything less than luxurious about their main line, but when it comes to Soiree your kimono robe is suddenly made from the most delicate French lace and costing you close to £2,000. The quality is visually apparent in the collection’s campaign, though probably not nearly as much as if you could touch the pieces in person. The look of beautiful lingerie is one thing but, at the Soiree price point, it’s very much about the feel of it, too.
Intricate and yet revealing pieces are ripe for the boudoir or for keeping hidden, like your own extravagant secret, under the day’s outfit. The kimonos and robes are for lounging in unparalleled luxury or – if you’re daring enough – even translating to outerwear.

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