Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Paris Hilton brings Barbie back

 While Bentley is busy upping its ante with its latest perfume for men, Madam Hilton seems to be putting in her own efforts to up the iconic British brand’s fashion quotient! The heiress turned LA into a pink playground she drove up to Barney’s in her bright pink Bentley. “Driving around in my pink baby. It’s been a while since I’ve driven her. Love my pink #BarbieBentley,” tweeted she.
 So are we, stunning shades of pink from the interiors included! Los Angeles must have seemed like the sets of Legally Blonde though. Because Barbie-esque Bentley aside, Paris Hilton was even dressed in pink à la Elle from the American romantic comedy film! Twinkling from behind her retro white sunnies, she proudly posed for photogs as she strutted towards the store entrance.
Paris’ pink wrap dress was made prettier by her blonde mane and nude pumps. That and a pink-trimmed handbag in tow from her own Paris Hilton collection! Looking at that, all we can think is the starlet was the perfect poster girl for her label like always!

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