Saturday, May 17, 2014

Il Salviatino hotel in Tuscani

It is flawlessly placed to offer the best of both worlds: the picturesque hills north of the Arno, as well as the cultural treasures of the Renaissance.

The hotel itself is a magnificently restored 15th century villa allowing guests to truly soak in all that history, while also providing eye-catching views of the surroundings. The rooms and suites are all 21st century, complete with contemporary amenities such as Wi-Fi, Nespresso coffee machines, safes, and plasma TV.

The dining experience is very important at Il Salviatino, so there’s a wide selection of venues available, from restaurants specializing in fish, to pizzerias. The resort even has its own vegetable garden that promises to serve the tastiest produce you’ve ever tried. For a truly exclusive experience, you can also try out a day in the life of one of the hotel’s chefs, from the visit to the markets, to the preparation of the dishes – more than just a way to pass the time, this should be an activity you can take home with you and never forget.

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