Friday, July 11, 2014

Alen Yacht 68 Style & Elegance

In a fruitful partnership, Alen Yacht teamed up with renowned international architects Foster + Partners to create a new 68-foot motor yacht. Merging insights and innovative technology from land construction with boatbuilding experience and expertise has led to a spectacular outcome : the fast, agile and elegant Alen 68. To describe this wonderful yacht in one sentence, the 68-foot Alen Yacht perfectly combines the elegant social spaces of a cruising yacht with the fun of a day boat.

Have fun & Relax

With 20% more volume than most comparable motor yachts, the Alen 68 features more walk-around deck space and more scope for innovative design. Flexible seating caters for up to 12 diners and the bespoke furnishings include 3 sun loungers and 2 black fabric recliners on either side of the wooden foredeck  to maximize the flexibility of the space.

At the helm there is a conventional wheel and state-of-the-art automatic controls, as well as cameras for full visibility. The bench along one side of the outdoor dining table also functions as the driver’s seat – it can be elevated in its entirety to allow the whole family to sit ‘up front’ and steer a course. A black fabric shading screen, like the cover of a sports car, can partially or fully enclose the seating area to protect the yacht in all weathers.

Entertaining and play bring out some of Alen 68’s most hospitable features. Indeed the Alen 68 boasts on the upper deck a bar with drinks cabinets and coolers, along with a grill, barbecue and Teppanyaki hotplate. Below deck, the yacht also has space for a large tender, 2 paddle boards and 2 Seabobs.

Blending flair with function, every item has been designed to create a sense of beautiful efficiency. Moreover, this fast, agile motor yacht can travel at up to 45 knots.

Style & Elegance

The Alen 68 features an interior’s design that emphases the sense of flying across the waves. In a break with tradition, the contours of the hull are not hidden by furniture but exposed to reveal the smooth lines of the yacht.

A stair leads down to the prow of the yacht, where the lounge is naturally top-lit by a central strip of glazing. The versatile, open-plan layout can accommodate up to twelve guests, as well as creating private niches for relaxing.

To the stern is the master suite, with a double bed and leather chaise longue, and the galley and bathroom are in the centre of the boat. Every detail has been considered and prototyped, from the bathroom drawer that extends into a compact vanity unit, to the placement of grab rails, which are seamlessly integrated with the structure. In a subtle reference to traditional nautical design, a horizontal band of teak is used as a recurring detail, revealed in the interior of the white lacquered cabinets.

From the skylight above the lounge to the band of teak inside the white lacquered cabinets, Alen 68’s design details set her apart. With a refined palette of materials including bleached oak, white leather and white onyx, the yacht’s understated style is ever present.

At 44 knots or at anchor, the design skills of Foster + Partners and the craftsmanship of Alen Yacht are a powerful combination.

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