Sunday, August 3, 2014

Luxurious CRN 133 Saramour Megayacht

Saramour is a luxurious mega yacht that was created by a company called CRN. Measuring no less than 61m (200 feet) in length, this glorious jewel of the sea was built in a city called Ancona, and it features a mesmerizing exterior design that was shaped by Francesco Paszkowski Design.

The yacht is able to accommodate up to 10 guests in fabulous conditions, but it also features enough space for 13 crewmembers. Housing arrangements include 2 VIP cabins, 2 suites and a luxurious master bedroom that has the potential to impress instantly. Also sketched out by Francesco Paszkowski Design, the interior arrangements give off an allure of sophistication and elegance thanks to an artful approach to décor and furnishing.

The owner and his or her guests are able to enjoy great entertainment opportunities on the fly deck, while the stern flaunts a special sunbathing area that includes lounging chairs and a special lounging space that can be converted into a helipad. The state-of-the-art gymnasium features high-end Technogym equipment that would help visitors burn a few calories for the duration of the trip.

As far as power is concerned, we can tell you that Saramour boasts a pair of 3512 C-C engines that are able to dish out 1649 horsepower each. They guarantee a cruising speed of 14 knots, which is more than acceptable for a vessel of this size, while the top speed is a maximum of 15 knots.

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