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10 most stylish and sexy bedrooms from hotels around the world

There is some charm, some excitement, some romance about being away on a holiday and this is all enhanced when you step foot into a bedroom that just takes your breath away.
Something that just makes your heartbeat quickens and sets your pulse racing. The room need not be opulent and grand but it needs to have that oomph factor and something about it that makes you decide that you do not want to step out of it at all.

We have listed the 10 sexiest bedrooms of 2014. Based on the criteria of just the perfect bed, the décor and the attention to the minor and finer details, privacy, something unexpected as that never fails to get a smile on ones face and of course the X factor.

10. CanalHouse – Amsterdam – Netherlands
With the perfect location in Amsterdam and its glamorous décor the rooms at Canal House beckon you. The top floor suite has a free standing bath, a shower for two, two seating areas and a stunning view of the canal. With luxurious interiors and sexy glazed shower stalls there is something about this room that makes you catch your breath.
Double rooms – begin from 190 Euro (U$231) excluding taxes

9. Muse St Tropez – St Tropez – France

Away from the glitz and glamour of St Tropez, this serene yet stylish getaway is just perfect for those couples who cannot see beyond each other. Each room has its own USP and will give you an unique experience that you will cherish for a life time. Heard of mini bars in a room but a wine cellar is a first for us, a room with a foliage filled view, or if you fancy a room with a manor like feel, or a grand living room and bedroom that lead out to a private terrace, plunge pool and garden and has its own massage area. With all these varied options of lavishly done up rooms it’s a tough call to choose between them.
Double rooms – begin from 545 Euro (U$6750 excluding taxesle rooms – begin from 185 Euro (U$231) excluding taxes

With a 10 minute drive away from the heart of the art world of Florence, set amidst the beautiful hillside is the Il Salviatino hotel. Paying homage to the art and culture of the region, the rooms have antique bath tubs, beautifully carved boudoirs, polished oak floors, silver candelabra and exquisite artworks. The rooms are grand and opulent with restored fresco ceilings and fireplaces that exude a warm glow and add to the charm of the room
Double rooms – begin from 255 Euro (U$315) excluding taxes

7. Ca MariaAdele – Venice – Italy
There is something about the colour red that is incredibly sexy, be it a red dress or red nail polish or red lipstick, so when you have a room whose interiors are done up in red …
Murano chandeliers with their crystals shining like sparkling diamonds, heavy damask fabrics, wooden floors and an atmosphere that spells bohemian yet modern.
With a room like this and a place like Venice which conjures up words like love, romance, serenading what more can you ask for.
Double rooms – begin from 275 Euro (U$ 340) excluding taxes

6. TheStandard High Line – New York – United States of America
The glitz and glamour of New York City and the action packed downtown location are already a feather in the cap of this glassy high rise hotel. The view from the higher floors is absolutely stunning as you look out to the Hudson river and the Statue of Liberty in all its glory. With three of its walls of floor to ceiling glass you can get an uninterrupted view of the Big Apple. The bathrooms are the highlight of these rooms. From free standing bathtubs to deep set bath tubs open to the living area to exposed glass walled showers they undoubtedly add to the X factor.
Double rooms – begin from 210 Euro (U$ 261)

The villas at the Alila Villas Soori have redefined luxury. Ranging in size from one to ten bedrooms, each of them have their own pool and courtyard that overlooks the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Minimalistically designed but still housing all the modern amenities and facilities these villas will make you fall in love all over again.
Double rooms – begin from 505 Euro (U$ 625)

4. BellevueSyrene – Sorrento – Italy
The Amelphi coast has an unbeatable charm, the clear blue waters, ancient ruins, high end luxury stores it seems to have it all. The Bellevue Syrene is built on the ruins of a Roman Villa, but there is nothing ancient about its flamboyant interiors. While some of the rooms look like out of a fairy tale with their crystal chandeliers, antiques, fresh flowers, and the interiors done up in soft shades of turquoise, violet, rose and mint. There are some that done up in bold colour combinations of yellow and purple and tangerine and brown with floral murals adorning the walls, striking lights and marble fireplaces. The Rock Suite or “Roccia” as it is called is set in an ancient Roman grotto and has a large hydrotherapy bath tub opposite the bed.
Double rooms – begin from 277 Euro (U$ 343) excluding taxes

  Victorian Townhouse with an exotic heart
 Nearly 30 years after its opening, Blakes is still seen as a source of inspiration for hoteliers around the globe. Central to the hotel’s lasting appeal is its elegant, black façade, which hides the opulent interiors (and famous guests) from public view. At Blakes, Hempel’s central concept focuses on providing well-traveled connoisseurs with three key elements: lavish design, swift service, and complete privacy. The thick period walls and lavish furnishings act as a physical cocoon, sheltering guests from unwanted disturbances, but it’s even peaceful out in the shared courtyard, where cocktails are sipped among an explosion of lush green plants.

Like the brilliant white clouds in the sapphire sky, the fabulous Canaves Oia Hotel emerges from the shimmering Aegean Sea, a beacon of style and luxury set atop a gorgeous island gem. In Oia on the northern tip of Santorini, in 17th century Canaves carved directly into the cliffs overlooking the sea, this stunning hotel invites you to explore of one Greece's most amazing destinations.

Blending classic style and modern luxury, each suite greets you with dazzling whites and a bright, inviting ambiance, at once calm and soothing. Sunlight and crisp sea breezes flow though open glass doors, coming in from a spacious, furnished balcony where sweeping views of the Mediterranean will take your breath away. Sleek, elegant bathrooms offer stylish glass showers, while deeply plush beds ensure dreamy nights. With amazing service, fabulous cuisine, and the wonders of Santorini just outside your door, enjoy each day to the fullest at Canaves Oia Hotel.
Double room from 329 Euro (U$ 406)
 Photography by Christos Drazos

Proudly wearing the crown of the World’s Sexiest room for the year 2014 is Villa number 5 of this hotel. The hotel is set in a private bay in the South China Sea, which is accessible only by boat. With its own plunge pool, overlooking the coral reef and facing the sunset this villa can only be accessed by a hillside staircase to ensure complete privacy. Its split level lay out, sun bathing deck, 24 hour butler service only enhances the experience even more. The view is absolutely stunning and the ambience is ravishingly romantic. Don’t let the rustic and charmingly simple interiors fool you even for a moment as the villa’s house every possible modern amenity you require.
This is just the perfect place in the world for a romantic getaway amidst the sun, sea and surf.

Villa – begin from 640 Euro (U$780) excluding taxes

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