Saturday, November 29, 2014

Casa Palopó: Paradise by Guatemala’s Lake Atitlan

In the lush hills of Guatemala, you'll find Hotel Casa Palopó, where stunning volcanic lake views and rustic architecture bring a sense of unpretentious calm in the face of magnificence.

Located 90 miles away from Guatemala City (the eponymous country’s capital and largest city), Hotel Casa Palopó is an excellent spot for those seeking a picturesque and intimate retreat, while also demanding high standards of comfort and luxury.

When it comes to natural surroundings, it truly doesn’t get better than this: Hotel Casa Palopó sits on the shores of Lake Atitlan, the deepest lake in Central America, and is overlooked by three majestic volcanoes. It is part of the village of Santa Catarina Palopó, a place with a notable Mayan heritage.

The resort itself is divided in two. There’s the main hotel featuring seven spacious and beautifully decorated bedrooms, as well as the excellent 6.8 Palopó gourmet restaurant. Then there’s the two-bedroom Villa Palopó, 150 steps above the main hotel, providing breathtaking views from its infinity pool and Jacuzzi.

After you’ve made yourself comfortable you can start exploring the wonders of Guatemala. We’ve already mentioned the stunning surrounding landscape and the nearby settlements where you can still see glimpses of traditional Mayan culture. In addition to this, both adventure-seekers, and those who just want to kick back and relax will be taken care of at Hotel Casa Palopó – guests can try hiking, kayaking, horseback riding, or simply taking advantage of the spa services. You’re unlikely to find a better place to spend your holiday anywhere else in Central America!

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