Sunday, July 17, 2016


Lake Leman forms a gentle arc in the border between France and Switzerland, beginning with the city of Geneva in the west and ending at the east at the town of Montreau.
About halfway between these two points, on the southern arc of the lake, stands the historical resort town of Evian-les-Bains, a favourite playground of royalty for the last two hundred years. At the centre of this gracious city rises the great luxury resort, the Hotel Royal Evian, a hotel that has been open for just over a hundred years. The town itself is strung along the crystal clear waters of the lake, and the famous Cachat springs are the source of the popular Evian mineral water. Those travellers who enjoy bespoke touring will be glad to know that the world renowned baths are still operating, and the grand Casino D’Evian lies on the top of a lakeshore drive. Above them all stands the great Hotel Royal, with eight stories of suites looking out over the beautiful blue waters of the lake.


The Hotel Royal feature a newly refurbished façade, designed in the Belle Epoque style. The resort now maintains 150 rooms and suites, and your hosts will gladly relate stories of famous guests, such as Winston Churchill, from the recent past, to any who wish to know more about the history of the establishment. The rooms are divided into Park Side, overlooking the extensive gardens, parks, and golf courses around the hotel, and Lake Side, with a vista of the lake. The Hotel Royal is happy to welcome families to the facility, and the Kids Resort is one of the Hotel’s most popular features, where specialists in childcare will entertain and care for children of all ages, from 4 months to fifteen years. Each age group has its own set of facilities, and they are under the constant supervision of professional staff. While the children enjoy themselves, you can enjoy a visit to the Hotel Royal’s extensive contribution to the great spa traditions of the town, the Spa Evian Source, in the centre of the resort.


As befits a town that lies between Alpine mountains and a clear blue lake, Evian-les-Bains offers the bespoken adventurer with countless opportunities for exploration and fun. If you are visiting in the winter, the hotel will quickly arrange for any skiing expeditions that you have in mind, including dogsled rides in the nearby mountains. The Alpine peaks are also wonderful places to explore in the summer, and the hotel offers bespoke tours on horseback over the ridges and valleys of the region. In the warm weather, boating cruises on the lake waters can be an excellent way to explore the local area, and the resort can easily arrange any sort of water sports that you are interested in. Some guests are always eager to try their luck at the great casino, established in 1911, and the hotel will glad make a reservation there for you. The town of Evian, which is always hosting excellent cultural festivals of various types, features several excellent golf courses, and there is even a helipad on the hotel grounds, allowing you to enjoy a bespoke aerial ride across the entire region.


You can rest from your journeys around Evian-les-Bains at the Hotel Royal’s excellent dining facilities, which have provided gourmet dining to the crowned heads of Europe for decades. Dine in grand style at Les Fresques, where the sommelier and chefs will offer you the finest food from the farms and vineyards nearby, or enjoy lighter fare al fresco style at the newly added La Veranda. Whatever you do in Evian-les-Bains, and wherever you go during your stay there, you will be the treasured guests of one of the most renowned luxury resorts in the world.

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