Wednesday, August 31, 2016


It is not because the end of summer is coming that you have to wait for the next one to enjoy yourself and return to sea again. Thanks to Catana 70, a semi-custom maxi cruising catamaran, you will be able to sail again for a long trip or exciting trip full of adrenaline.


Aboard Catana 70 you will discover what technological experience, design and performance really mean concerning such an elegant and refined boat. With a distinctive silhouette, both harmonious and well balanced, you can push the boundaries while sailing at the speed of the wind.

If you are found of ultimate sensation or calm and serene trips, Catana 70 adapts to all situations with a maximum of security. Thanks to its revolutionary curves, the hydrofoil effect will allow you to navigate peacefully in the high seas. With improved waterline length and power, Catana 70 appears to be reassuring, even if it could achieve unique performances thanks to new technologies from racing.

Made with carbon fibre and aramide, Catana 70 can benefit from all necessary security for your marine escape. Then it ensures a maximum of comfort even at high speeds thanks to an improved bridgedeck clearance. Moreover, there is no lack of comfort again in the cockpit.


As spacious as luxurious, Catana 70 is elegant both inside and outside. It can easily accommodate 8 to 10 guests, and you can choose between 4,5 or even 6 cabins for passengers

Once inside Catana 70, you can’t miss the unique sense of detail and ingenious arrangement that allow a considerable gain of space. Huge sliding bay windows around the square space offer a 360°-view of the sea, that you can savour like any open-space.

Truly ingenious, Catana 70 uses noble materials and can be customisable with for example a choice between L-shaped kitchen or another version with island galley. But whatever you choice is, you can always enjoy the most of its wine cellar, its extensible living room with large adjustable table.

In addition to many storage possibilities always functional and useful, Catana 70 appears to be luminous and very well arranged, offering cabins only seen in the most luxurious yachts. They can accommodate an office, a dressing table, huge mirrors and remarkable woodwork, water space and all of that under delicate led lights.

In a few words, Catana 70 appears to be the ideal boat for a long summer trip or a more dynamic adventure with all your friends.

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