Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Galia Lahav Spring 2017 Timeless Bridal Collection – “Le Secret Royal”

I’m always here to inspire you and show you the most beautiful wedding dresses designed by the most talented designers in the world. 

For today, I have a timeless bridal collection, called “Le Secret Royal”. These astonishing gowns are designed by the popular fashion designer Galia Lahav.

She is recognized in Israel and abroad with elegance and prestige thanks to her luxurious and unique designs of bridal and evening gowns. The designer was born in Russia, but was educated in Israel. In her 30’s she found a way to express her love, sensuality, romance and passion for fashion and started to create fascinating haute couture evening and bridal dresses at her fashion. 

We all need to recognize that her dresses are unique and spectacular and exhibit modern style while emphasizing the luxurious European imported fabrics, the sewing quality and the tiny details. All of her dresses are meant to be worn by elegant and powerful women. Her fashion house “Galia Lahav” determines a new level of elite fashion of bridal and evening designs in Israel and all over the world. I need to mention that it is also a brand name with its flag branch in Tel-Aviv and another two branches in Ashdod.

I know that you will fall in love in this astonishing bridal collection, so I recommend you to sit comfortably in your chairs and prepare yourself for something extraordinary. Let’s check the dresses one by one and pick one for our big days. Enjoy and have fun!

 The Final - Model Naj Rich

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