Sunday, April 30, 2017

The top 10 Beaches In Greece For 2017

Award winners all: You’ve seen their photos, the peacock blue-green waters lapping volcanic rock formations, golden sand or smooth pebbles. Come and take a dip in the best beaches in Greece!

To select the best beaches of a country like Greece that has the eleventh longest coastline in the world and a mere 380 winners of the international Blue Flag for eco-quality is no easy task.
We’ve picked ten of the best beaches throughout Greece, but you should know that there are countless other superb, exotic, gorgeous beaches – whether on the mainland or on a beautiful Greek island – that will blow your mind at just about any seaside destination you choose for your holidays in Greece. Discover 10 of the best beaches in Greece right here.

1. Elafonissi, Crete
Elafonissi was once again voted the best beach in Greece. It is a peninsula-like island next to Chania and has an amazing coast covered in white sand and has turquoise waters.

2. Balos, Crete
Of course Crete took the second place as well in this list. Balos is a magical lagoon near the city of Chania. It is covered in white sand with pieces of pink shells and amazing emerald waters.

3. Kleftiko, Milos
Kleftiko is one of the most noted places in Milos. It is a complex of high grey rocks with curves and caves in the middle of the turquoise water. You can rent a boat and enjoy swimming in the amazing waters.

4. Agios Pavlos, Rhodes
Agios Pavlos is a beautiful beach in Lindos, southeastern Rhodes. It is a small bay surrounded by rocks where you can climb and dive in the lovely emerald water. It is covered in sand and pebbles.

5. Simos, Elafonissos
Elafonissos is an amazing tiny island in south Peloponnese. Simos is its most popular beach, it is a small peninsula surrounded by impressive dunes of golden sand with emerald waters.

6. Navagio, Zakynthos
Navagio is the most popular beach and the landmark of Zakynthos. It is reached only by boat, it is surrounded by majestic white rocks and it is known for the shipwrecked boat lying on the coast.

7. Sarakiniko, Milos
Sarakiniko is the landmark of Milos and one of the most popular Aegean landscapes. A series of white rocks and caves that penetrate the blue waters give an unforgettable experience. 

8. Porto Katsiki, Lefkada
Porto Katsiki is the most famous beach in Lefkada and a Blue Flag winner. It is located on the southwestern coast of the island, covered in golden sand with crystal clear waters.

9. Anthony Quinn, Rhodes
Anthony Quinn is a magical beach in eastern Rhodes, named after the famous actor who loved it and bought it. It is quite popular, covered in small pebbles with emerald waters.

10. Myrtos, Kefalonia
Myrtos is the most famous and often considered as the most beautiful beach in Kefalonia. It is located on the northwestern coast, it is covered in fine white sand and has amazing blue waters.

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