Tuesday, June 6, 2017

MYST Gold: God's olive oil made with 24 karats gold

Most influent people have always appreciated gold, from Gods themselves, to king’s crown until our jewel boxes. It is now possible to introduce gold in your kitchen and dishes thanks to an extra-virgin olive oil from Olympus: MYST Gold.

There is no better place than Olympus Mountain, famous home of Greek Gods, to cultivate olive trees, in a weel-know territory of ancient tradition, close to Mediterranean sea. In the purest tradition with respect for the land, culinary house MYST raises its precious olives that compose MYST Gold oil.

Harvested at the ideal period of the year in October, when olives are steel young, MYST Gold olive oil uses these green olives to produce a more fruity juice. Collected with the greatest care, they are pressed within 24 hours to extract the better aromas.

True symbol of excellence in all aspects, MYST Gold olive oil is the expression of the personnel’s devotion, who will carefully bottle the product in a truly sophisticated bottle with precious design.


Undisputable product premium food product, MYST Gold olive oil is extra-virgin oil infused with 24K gold flakes. According to ancient beliefs, gold has a power, which contributes to a long and vital life. This is certainly why olive oil is usually called “liquid gold”.

Conditioned in 500ml bottles, MYST Gold olive oil contains aromas of herbs, citrus fruits and floral hints, all being exceptionally balanced. And if it is defined as extra-virgin oil, it is because olives are cultivated without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Then, MYST Gold olive oil is presented in elegant black cases, and could be bought with PURE olive oil in AEON box. In these transparent bottles with white or black cap, you will find god’s nectar.

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