Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Urca Residence In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Even though the definition of a perfect home varies from individual to individual, there are a few universal traits that can be used to describe the concept, traits such as spaciousness, luxury and premium positioning.
The Urca Residence in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has them all. It was sketched out by by Studio Arthur Casas in 2011 and represents a delightful place to come home to.

Sliding glass doors help link the living room to a balcony that provides amazing panoramas of the city and its marina. A plethora of glass elements contribute to a welcoming ambiance while ensuring that natural light flows freely throughout the residence. The large windows, skylights and the glass railings of the interior staircase are great examples.

As for the kitchen, it comes with a round dining table and with a comfortable sitting area. It also boasts modern appliances and generous space for chopping, slicing and cooking. When it comes to entertainment, the residence flaunts a swimming pool on its rooftop terrace. What makes this swimming pool special is the fact that its bottom is actually transparent, which means that the residents who are relaxing in the living room can see those who swim above, through the ceiling.

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