Sunday, October 29, 2017

Zeptair: Behind some of the most colorful private jets

Zepter, the Serbian group headquartered in Switzerland, is mainly known for its consumer goods business focusing on cooking and cleaning equipment. A less known part of its business however is ZeptAir, the private aviation company it started back in January 2011 to rent out its corporate fleet.

At the time, ZeptAir's fleet was made up of two Bombardier aircrafts. a Challenger 300 and a Challenger 605. The latter, was styled in a square, multi-color scheme that became associated with Zepter, and later on its corporate fleet.
In May 2013, the company took delivery of a new Bombardier Global 5000, styled in the same color scheme, during a ceremony at Bombardier's Completion Center in Quebec.

With a range of 5,200 nautical miles, ZeptAir's Global 5000 was configured to carry up to 11 passengers comfortably and able to fuel from London to Los Angeles without refueling.
Shortly prior to the delivery, ZeptAir partnered with Amira Air in an effort to be able to offer a larger fleet of airplanes to its customer base and help get more customers on its own aircrafts, with Amira Air overseeing the management of Zepter's aircrafts.
With an interior designed with bright red colors, an extension of the plane's colorful exterior, their Global 5000 features dark red window blinds and red overhead lighting with a white & cream base.

Interestingly, ZeptAir didn't become the only venture that the Serbian conglomerate took into the field, also building the 50-meter yacht, Joy Me. Featuring a similar bright red scheme, the yacht is currently for sale asking €22 million.

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