Sunday, November 21, 2021

Laucala Island – Possibly The Best Resort In The World.

Laucala Island is the most amazing destination in Fiji, possibly in the whole world.

Vincent Pauchon, Director of Sales and Marketing, has told us that Laucala is the 2nd most expensive resort in the world. What does 4.500 Euros ($5,000 USD) for a one-bedroom villa per night provide for its guests?

Laucala is a private island and it belongs to Dietrich Mateschitz, the owner of Red Bull. He bought it in 2003 and decided to turn the island into a resort/holiday home for himself and his celebrity friends.

After a few years of thoughtful planning and elaborate work beautiful Laucala welcomed its first guests in 2009. We are told that Dietrich himself makes a regular appearance at the resort in March and December every year.

Currently, Laucala is a very popular destination for international jet sets that are looking for absolute privacy, serenity, exclusivity, and inspiration.

Laucala is a fairly large island of 3000 acres of green mountainous land and jungle forests surrounded by picture-perfect white-sand beaches. And believe it or not, it is home to only 25 exclusive villas.

Each villa epitomizes the latest in luxury and glamour yet we love that the architects kept the traditional Fijian feel of the villas – free-flowing shapes, high thatch roofs, use of natural and local materials like coconut husk, palm leaves, and local timber in the interiors.

All 25 villas are very similar in style but differ by size and location. Guests can choose from either one, two, or three-bedroom configurations making it a perfect resort for families as well as couples. You can also choose a setting – some of the villas are situated on a pristine private beach amongst the coconut palms and the green forest, others high up in the lush tropical gardens with uninterrupted sea views.

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