Sunday, April 8, 2012

Chateau de Mirambeau - France

This historic and richly decorated hotel is located deep in the French countryside and provides a great spot for both relaxation and exploration. The Chβteau de Mirambeau has undergone many renovations and additions from the 6th and 7th century, to the 17th and 19th and more recently to bring it up to date with the present. The result is a building rich in history and architectural value, with turrets, spires and old stone walls. The interior of the chβteau is lavish and ornate, with patterned walls, floors and antique furniture, accentuating the antiquated French luxury feel. Outside you will find eight-hectares of parkland, with beautiful scenery and varied outdoor activities. 

The rooms and suites of the Chateau de Mirambeau are individually decorated in similar opulent, French-country style. Yards of rich fabrics and antique furniture combine to evoke a past era of luxury. Modern standards are fitted here, but the television is cleverly hidden away so you can truly enjoy the experience. The dining room of the hotel is similarly decorated, with antique paintings, furniture and of course the finest of French cuisine and wine to boot. A modern wellness centre is available with swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, solarium, gym and treatments rooms. In the hotel grounds you will find two tennis courts, an outdoor pool, walks, bicycling, golf, fishing and horse-riding.
The Chateau de Mirambeau is located in the countryside in the southwest of France, between the famous cities of Cognac and Bordeaux
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