Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Adastra - Super yacht

iPad-controlled luxury yacht Adastra

The capacity for guests is a total of 9, while 5 crew members can also cruise along. The guests enjoy modern suites, while lending a premium one as the master suite for the owner. The amenities are state of the art, and ergonomics focuses on high quality fabrication, and maximum use of the given space.

The hi-tech factor

This yacht’s functions are controllable via an iPad, but within a distance of 50 meters from the vessel. This meant for additional security and control of the yacht, as well as keeping an eye on the diverse functionality.
The engine has been given a high efficiency operational design, to aid the cause of the light body weight body in order to get maximum out of the experience. The fuel cleaning system ensures that the engine is always on high efficiency, over long distances. Though the yacht may travel at 22 knots as the top speed, there is always the chance of cruising along at 17 knots over a distance of 4,000 nautical miles.
The interior of the yacht is fairly modern and futuristic, keeping in mind that the design has been inspired from the space age vehicles. Plenty of open space can be seen towards the rear end, where one can soak in the sun, as well as dine with views of the outside via the sofa and the semi-open bar. The main deck’s interior space has a lounge area, dining space, and also the navigation station.

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The Shuttleworth Yacht Design team for Superyacht Adastra

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