Friday, April 6, 2012

Six-Senses Yao Noi Resort-Thailand

We’ve currently taken some time to present Thailand to the public, because a lot of tourists should notice the beauty and uniqueness of this particular country. Thus, we’re now presenting the Six Senses Yao Noi Resort, another pure representation of Thai style.

Located on the beautiful Island of Yao Noi, this resort is set pretty close to the Phuket airport, a 1-hour boat-ride service fully arranged by the hotel. It’s also set on the Phang Nga Bay, whose shores are guarded by huge limestone walls that seem to come out from the Andaman Sea.

The tranquility of this place is highlighted b the 56 accommodations that assure guests with a superb atmosphere. They are represented by stand-alone buildings gorgeously arose through stilts from the ground, while the huge amount of fresh air and light coming inside them is paradoxically breathtaking. Plus, each structure has its own infinity pool, a great way to exercise and spend some precious time.

There’s a whole range of activities that one can attempt to do here, associated with a great deal of relaxation means. You may take cooking classes, being able to find out the secrets behind the Thai-specific culinary domain, you may play golf at the nearby course, reachable with a short helicopter-trip and the last but not the least is the spa, with its gorgeous natural ambiance, ready to pamper you with authentic Thai massage styles, deep tissue stimulating and stretching, as well as a session of relaxing skin treatments.

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