Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rezidenz Heinz Winkler

Chef Heinz Winkler
3* Michelin

The Residenz Heniz Winkler was created in a medieval building and today is one of the very best restaurants and hotel of luxury. 

Called the Hotel Post for centuries Heinz Winkler took over the property in 1989 and went on to rebuild it to the modern Residenz that it is known as today.

The new owner of the Hotel Post displaying personal commitment and putting his own personal style on the building transformed the building into a hotel and restaurant of luxury.To meet his ambitions Heinz Winkler endeavors ensure the culinary well being of all of his guests and lives up to his commitment.

Heinz Winkler is the proud restaurant owner of three Michelin stars twenty times over. He creates cuisine that melt in the mouths of his guests while the wine cellar is home to around 25,000 bottles of some of the very best wines. The restaurants wine cellars hold wines from Latour to Lafite with the wine list offering as many as 950 positions. Maitre d'hotel Fabrice Kieffer along with his brother Renaud is Sommelier of the year 2009 and have received multiple awards and celebrate gourmet pleasures with a sublime accomplishment.

The suites in the restaurant and hotel are each unique and holds its very own character. The Garden and Maisonette suites provide guests with a living area of the very best on the ground floor along with an area for sleeping on the upper floor. The Residenz suite is the crown jewel offering a level of comfort that is second to none along with superb and stunning views out over the Chiemgau mountain range. The luxury restaurant Davidoff lounge is where some of the most prestige gentlemen meet to enjoy the pleasure of smoking the very best Davidoff cigars in tranquil and relaxing settings. The lounge is open all day and is a favorite choice of the residents who quietly slip away to the confines of the room for an hour or so.

Residenz Heinz Winkler is set in some of the most stunning of surroundings, which are very fitting for restaurants and hotels of this caliber. Located between Munich and Salzburg, not very far from the Chiemsee Lake, the five stars Residenz Heinz Winkler would not look out of place in a fairytale. It is more than a luxury restaurant and hotel; it is a gourmet sanctuary and an oasis of harmony and peace amid the hustle and bustle of a busy world.

Before taking over the Residenz Heinz Winkler the patron has worked as a member of the team of Paul Bocuse, being chef in the Tantris restaurant, manager of the Tristan in Mallorca and worked as Chef de cuisine at the Klum hotel in St Moritz.

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