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White Turf the ultimate horesepower on snow

The ultimate horsepower on snow

St. Moritz is home to White Turf, the very best when it comes to horse racing on snow. This is not the typical race around a track on grass, instead the race is on an iced lake. It is the top class venue for racing equestrians, gourmets and indeed anyone who loves Engadine.
Every year in February for the first three Sundays, thousands gather in St. Moritz against a stunning backdrop for a spectacle of high-class gallop races, thrilling trotting races and the world exclusive Skikjoring. Those who enjoy a luxury lifestyle will not be disappointed thanks to the top class catering service that is available in the VIP area, along with the catering area open to the public. The event is full of events and music from some of the very best international and regional artists. On the Sunday of the race visitors will hold onto their programmes in anticipation as there are exclusive luxury lifestyle holidays to be won to destinations all around the globe.
Skikjoring is the only race of its type anywhere in the world. A discipline which entails men being pulled along on skis over a track 2,700 meters in length by unsaddled thoroughbred horses. The horses reach speeds of up to 50 kilometers an hour, this race is exclusive to the White Turf event. It takes a great deal of skill and strength of the very best, plus courage, to be able to claim the title of King of the Engadine. This race dates back almost one hundred years when a couple of sporting enthusiasts invented it. The first race was held in 1906 and it was very different to the race of today. Back then the race was held on roads as opposed to the lake of today, with competitors starting off individually. The sport, established in the Engadine valley has been adapted in many other alpine countries but has never met with the same welcome as in the luxury of Engadine.
The races are held in an exceptional venue of the very best which has style and atmosphere that brings more than 30,000 spectators each year to the tent that covers over 130,000 m2 of an iced lake. It offers the most generous of all cash prizes in racing in Switzerland. The Gubelin Grand Prix de St.Moritz is the most highly prized of all the races.

When the competitors of the race hurtle out of the starting gate and thunder past the grandstand this is when the famous St. Moritz roar can be heard resounding through the mountains. The excitement builds and shivers are sent down the spine with only a single lap to go as spectators anticipate who will be the winner of this, the race of races. The luxury lifestyle of St. Moritz will leave spectators with an unforgettable experience

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