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Noma best restaurant in the world

René Redzepi
 Noma is a two Michelin star restaurant run by chef  René Redzepi
Best Chef in the world 2012

 Noma is a restaurant that offers Nordic gourmet cuisine with a personal touch and an innovative gastronomic take on the more traditional cooking methods. 
The establishment offers the very best Nordic produce and shares the legacy of their food heritage.

The owners of Noma regard it a personal challenge to revive Nordic cuisine and allow the distinctive flavors and the foods regional character to brighten up the world. The two-Michelin star restaurant Noma has the luxury of being more than just about the finest olive oil, foie gras, black olives and other produce that is seen in some of the very best cuisine. They are about exploring the Nordic regions of the world and discovering outstanding foods and ingredients which they bring back to the restaurants home in Denmark.

These include high quality ingredients such as Icelandic skyr curd, fresh halibut, Greenland musk, berries and water. They also search for new sources of inspiration in Denmark along with the remainder of the Nordic countries to always ensure they are able to provide top quality produce. The restaurant treats not only the very costly and the best of ingredients with great care and attention but also the more modest of ingredients such as grains and pulses. These are found in cuisine in new and unexpected ways. 
 The aim of Rene Redzepi, the chef, is to pay attention to the qualities of their luxury culinary heritage while at the same time offering something brand new to customers. The countryside is combed for new types of berries and exploration is made in new ways to use milk and cream along with some of the lesser known cereal grains. The Noma undertakes their own salting, pickling, drying and grilling along with preparing their own vinegars. They rely on state of the art luxury kitchen equipment of the very best along with techniques and care deeply about the textures of their food just as any other world class restaurant in the world would.
The chef regularly replaces wine in the sauces and soups for beers and ales, fruit juices and fruit vinegars which adds freshness and flavor. When in season the top  of local fresh vegetables, herbs, spices and wild plants play a very important role in all of the dishes they prepare. 

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  1. Wow! Congratulations for winning best restaurant in the world. This restaurant is very interesting and I want to visit this place so that I can see what is the special of this restaurant. I also want to eat their food and it must be very delicious. Thanks.

    Kirstz @ restaurants in Laguna Philippines

  2. Congratulations! A good place for thoses who love having a nice meal, in a good place, with a good wine and in good company.