Monday, August 6, 2012

Foie Gras a luxury delicacy

 Foie Gras is a luxury delicacy made from the liver of a duck or goose that has been specifically fattened. This technique dates back to as far as 2500 BC when the Egyptians began fattening birds by force-feeding them. It is very popular among connoisseurs of the finest luxury foods and is considered a delicacy in France. Foie Gras has a flavor that is buttery, rich, yet very delicate, unlike traditional goose or duck liver. Head chefs use Foie Gras in a variety of ways, it is often prepared in a luxury mousse, parfait or as pâté. It is typically served alongside steak or other items of food in some of the world’s very best restaurants. France is the largest producer of the delicacy, although Foie Gras is produced and eaten worldwide.
 Along with the Egyptians, the Roman and Jewish communities have played a role in the history of luxury Foie Gras and its development. While few recipes have survived, cookbooks with some of the very best recipes involving Foie Gras appeared in France during the 1500s. One surviving cookbook is "The Art of Cooking" which dates back to the fifth century and contains two excellent Foie Gras recipes. During the nineteenth century, some of the very best chefs in France used recipes with Foie Gras, including "La Chappelle, Pierre Delune" and "La Verenne". Many of the very best Foie Gras businesses in France bloomed at this time, some of which remain in business today. Choosing Foie Gras de Canard (Duck) or Foie Gras D'Oie (Goose)Duck Foie Gras is often cheaper than goose due to it taking less time to fatten ducks than geese and it is of the same quality. If you enjoy a milder and creamier taste, you will enjoy duck Foie Gras. If you prefer a more gamy taste, stronger in flavor, with a more intense flavor, then Goose Foie Gras may be more to your liking. Luxury connoisseurs have endless debates as to which Foie Gras are the most succulent treats and the more luxurious products. The goose Foie Gras has a texture that is very silky, smooth and some say a very rich but subtle flavor. Duck has a more rustic texture with an earthy flavor and is usually the choice when served with hot foods. Today there are many freshly prepared Foie Gras products available for purchase. These include Foie Gras au torchon, terrine de Foie Gras, pâté de fois gras and mousse de Foie Gras.
Along with the Egyptians, the Roman and Jewish communities have played a role in the history of luxury Foie
When purchasing the very best Foie Gras one has to bear in mind there are different grades. Grade A is the finest money can buy, grade B may have some small blemishes and grade C, typically unavailable on the retail market, is used in the production of sauces and mousses. Foie Gras is not one of the easiest words to spell; in fact, it is one of the most common misspelled words in the world. However, it does not really matter how you spell or pronounce it, lovers of fine gourmet delicacies always understand you are talking about one of the most luscious and luxury delicacies in the world, Foie Gras.

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