Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chopard And Valentine’s Day, A Magical Relationship

Valentine’s Day is a special day. For couples all around the world it is a chance to express the love that has brought them together. Sometimes it can even be the start of something new.

The holiday has its roots in the early years of Christianity. It was a celebration of the martyrdom of St Valentine, who was persecuted and executed by the Roman Empire for wedding and ministering to Christians.

During the High Middle Ages when the courtly love was believed to be the purest and most noble forms of expression. Valentine’s Day became one of the most popular days to express feelings of adoration through subtle tokens of affection.
Love has always been a part of us, it is the most ancient and powerful emotion. People throughout the centuries have found different ways to prove this undying devotion. Some people have even gone so far as to build temples and monuments in proof of them, while the rest of us, perhaps more sensibly, turn to smaller but none the less powerful gestures.

Jewels and gems are perhaps the most enduring and poignant gifts a man can give. Chopard have a long history of providing some of the finest and most exquisite creations. The subtle and intricate designs are the result of centuries of accumulated information and dedication.
Chopard have created for this special day a stunning array of high end creations. The Artistic Director Caroline Scheufele continuously pushes the boundaries of to provide the very best. Each new creation is another step forward in the long and prestigious history of the firm.

Each jewel is an attempt to better capture that elusive element that is woman. The subtle play of light, the curves and the silhouettes all have their own crucial role to play.
The Geneva based house has an affinity for anticipating feminine wants and desires, creating desirable and sensual designs that are the ideal token of affection for Valentine’s Day. White gold and diamonds will shine brightest in the Haute Joaillerie Collection while fresh and colorful gemstones will highlight the Precious Temptations collection.

A white gold ring delicately emboldened by two heart shaped diamonds will be the latest addition to the Haute Joaillerie collection. The Precious Temptations collection will have the welcome addition of an impressive rose gold ring and earring delicately set with the unsurpassed violet of amethysts, wild rose pink of sapphires and flamboyant rubies.

 In each careful detail of these creations is the opportunity to make your love last forever.

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