Sunday, February 17, 2013

Most Expensive Bottle of Cognac

An 1858 bottle of Croizet Cognac was sold for the record breaking price of 117.280Euro ($156,740), at an auction at the famous Peace Hotel on the Bund, in Shangai, China.

Léon Croizet, the founder of the house, gave the bottle to his daughter, as a wedding dowry, in 1892. That is why it was called Cuvée Léonie Cognac. A Hong Kong woman, named Maggie Vong, bought the bottle and saved it for a special occasion. The previous record was held by a 1788 bottle of Vieux Cognac, sold in France, in 2009, for €25,000.

Although another bottle of cognac was sold for 1.496.500 Euro ($2 million in 2008), it was not considered a world record because the drink came in a very expensive bottle encrusted with gold and diamonds. For the moment, the Croizet owns the world record for the most expensive cognac sold in its original bottle. Other 16 bottles of this refined spirit were sold at this first auction devoted only to cognac, held in China until now.

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