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Clive Christian The World's Most Expensive Perfume

Celebrating ten years at the top of the luxury perfume industry, British Luxury Designer Clive Christian is delighted to release a new perfume creation from his private collection. Long anticipated by perfume aficionados around the world, 'C', the sensual and seductive complementing perfumes for a man and for a woman, celebrate the first new perfume release by Clive Christian in ten years.

Responsible for reviving the luxury perfume industry with the release of No.1 in 1999, the World's Most Expensive Perfume, Clive has carefully deliberated and selected the finest ingredients for pure perfume creation 'C', and is now ready to share these perfumes, favourites from his personal collection, with loyal clients and perfume devotees around the world.

Dominant and seductive 'C' for Men, and voluptuous and flirty 'C' for Women, embrace the charming character of the Clive Christian Perfume definitive collection of 1872, X and No.1. Ensuring subtlety and longevity on the skin, 'C', like all Clive Christian perfumes, is perfume concentration. Presented in a beautiful amber bottle, 'C' pays tribute to the origins of the Crown Perfumery, where all perfumes created under Queen Victoria's royal crown in the late 1800's were coloured amber or green.

'C' FOR WOMEN Embracing the Clive Christian Perfume House accord of Rose and Jasmine Absolute, and pushing it to crescendo in union with Violet and Tuberose, 'C' reveals a sensual perfume for women brimming with voluptuousness and dangerous pleasure. Violet, the 'flower of modesty', lies at the heart, exhaling a sweet, flirty scent, as the iodine present in violet flowers turns off the ability for humans to smell the scent for moments at a time.

As a symbol of ceaseless romantic devotion, Napoleon sent violet bouquets to Josephine Bonaparte on each anniversary and after her death kept violets and a lock of her hair in a locket which he wore to the end of his life, symbolising his undying love. Tuberose, signifying dangerous pleasure and voluptuousness in the Victorian language, brings a sensual and heady fragrance to the heart of the perfume, and requiring 3600 pounds of blossoms to produce one pound of the absolute, tuberose oil is one of the most expensive and luxurious perfume ingredients in the world.

'C' FOR MEN 'C' for Men maintains the complex character of the Clive Christian Perfume House, and enhances it with reassured Saffron spice and rare Snow Lotus, bringing a dominant spirit and seductive strength throughout the perfume. Saffron, at the heart, is the most expensive spice in the world and worth its weight in gold. Historically held in the highest regard as a seductive essence by Henry 8th, it takes up to 250,000 saffron crocus flowers to create one pound of this seductive spice.

Extremely rare Snow Lotus, a known aphrodisiac that lies in 'C' for Men, displays strength through adversity by growing only in the rocky mountains and glaciers near the snowline in Western China. With a legendary ability to prolong life, the inhabitants of Xinjiang, where Snow Lotus grows, have some of the longest lifespans in China and the province is home to about four thousand centenarians, attributed to drinking a tea made from this charming, powerful ingredient.

Traveller Sets By Clive Christian Creators of the World's Most Expensive Perfume In 1872, Queen Victoria granted the use of the royal crown to a celebrated British perfume house as a mark of its quality and excellence. That perfume house, the Crown Perfumery, was acquired 125 years later by Clive Christian. Inspired by its history and tradition, Clive created a set of perfumes that embrace both tradition and modernity. Now available in a trio of travel friendly 10mL bottles, you can make sure that you always have your favorite Clive Christian perfume with you on your journey – wherever it may take you.

Unconventional and unusual, the exotic 'X' Perfumes were created with some of the most powerful aphrodisiacs known to mankind. 'X' for Women is soft and sensual with a core of Egyptian jasmine. Cleopatra soaked the sails of her ship in Egyptian jasmine to capture Anthony's heart; legend has it that he fell in love with her as the aroma reached him on the winds, without ever having seen her. 'X' for Men centers on the root of the Iris flower - Orris. In ancient times, it was placed on the scepters of kings and used to permeate their throne rooms.

Inspired by the rich history and high quality of the original perfumery, Clive Christian set out to create a perfume with no reference to the cost. No. 1 simply contains some of the most rare and precious ingredients in the world. Due to the highest quality and concentration possible, this perfume can only be produced in very small quantities: only 1000 bottles of 'No.1' for Men and 1000 bottles of 'No.1' for Women are released to the world each year.
Fresh and enchanting, '1872' Perfumes were created to honor the year that Queen Victoria granted the use of her crown to the Crown Perfumery. At the heart of '1872' for Women is Rose De Mai, which is so rare that it blooms for just three weeks each year, and 170 rose heads are required for every single drop. Throughout '1872' for Men is Clary Sage - considered a sacred herb by the Roman Empire and prized for its invigorating and energizing properties. Emperor Nero dispersed drops through his troops to focus their minds before they rode into battle.

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